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best travel tips for traveling

10 Best and Useful Travel Tips for Inspiration

Best advice ever:

Quit your job and travel!

Do you feel like being stuck in a rut and packing everything up and leaving for a life on the road? As much as this sounds unreal, people from all over the world have now been traveling to ‘find themselves’ and getting away from the thrones of digitization and regular hubbub of life! Typically, in this modern world of 9 to 5, countless installments, bills and infinite errands our days become pretty boring, often lacking the much needed change.

We forget who we are, what’s important to us and what our goals are. 

We all have our reasons to travel, some may travel for their love for wanderlust, others in the hope to get away from everything and their are many, who may want to experience something different for the sake of discovering themselves amidst all that is usual. But the most important reason to travel is:

for the Change!

Here are some useful travel tips for inspiration that will send you packing now:

1- Take a Deep Breath

Best and Useful travel tips for inspiration.

We all want something different from the usual daily routine of 9 to 5. None of us are grateful for sitting in a cubicle covered in piles of documents for 8 to 9 hours. We all seek change and talk about getting out of it, but all in vain. So take a deep breath, and think about something that motivates you for the change. Patience is important. If you are short on budget then there are various ways to save money for traveling.

2- Wake Up Early

wake up early in the morning.

This is the key tip for inspirational traveling! If you are exploring a new destination, wake up early. You will have the chance to visit the city’s best attraction yourself. This is intriguing, you will get to explore every nook and corner, have time to yourself, interact with the locals and most importantly early morning is the best time to get some magical photos in the soft diffused light!

3- Observe Daily Life

Observe Daily life.

Don’t be in a hurry to explore the best attraction the city has to offer. If you have finally let go of the expendable daily routine and traveled to a destination that you so wanted to go to, then: Sit back and relax.  The best way to feel the pulse of the place is to find it in the ordinary. Spend a few hours in a busy street corner, train station or a bus stop. Feel your surroundings and observe how the locals interact. Pay close attention to detail. Engulf all your senses and you will observe things in a renewed sense.

This is the best kind of meditation!

4- Don’t Give Up

Don't give up

The things you find troubling may turn in to a small adventure! Yes a new perspective from the regular stress and anxiety regarding situations out of your control.

There’s always a way!

If you have missed the local bus, no worries, walk.  If you are running low on cash, PERFECT: hitch hike or take an unplanned road trip over to the next town. Let’s just focus on how to experience something totally different. The best of the planners may also experience inconvenience, but there are ways to turn them in to your best adventure!

5- Keep an Open Mind

think outside the box while traveling

Interacting with the locals is one way to have fun during traveling. Keep an open mind. Listen to opinions differing yours, ponder over folklore revolving around the attractions you want to visit. Most importantly practice empathy, embrace different possibilities, suggestions and interests.

Having trouble interacting with the locals:

Smile and Say Hello!

One of the best travel tips for inspiration is to make eye contact and smile as you walk by and if they smile back then say hello in the local language and viola! you have just made a new friend. Usually all it takes is an initiative and locals will be happy to guide you.

6- Volunteer Occasionally

volunteer in an unprivileged community.

Make it a point to volunteer while traveling. This is very rewarding. Volunteering may not open the portal to the magical land of Narnia but will definitely make your stay worthwhile. Following travelers experience, the opportunity to volunteer mostly resides in remote areas or an unprivileged community. So if you are planning to let go of luxury hotel stay and opting to teach a second language to children or helping out in a local school then get ready to indulge into an experience to ponder. You will have the unique advantage to know their culture up front and get to meet fellow volunteers from myriad parts of the globe. And to make it more exciting volunteering gets you to interact with the locals and they are always open to welcoming people who help them and offer you to be a part of their household.  The experience is enriched and costs really cheap!

7- Get Lost on Purpose

get lost on purpose

If you have your whole travel itinerary laid out in front of you:

throw it away!

‘Get lost on purpose’ will give you a new sense of renewal and rejuvenation. A checklist may not be your way to go. We all have our days mapped out on a checklist to abide by. But it’s time to let loose. Getting lost on purpose will make you learn the city in a better way. You will discover treasures you didn’t know existed. Along the way you will find inspirational street art, a quaint restaurant filled with people around the corner and a local artisan shop forging stunning creations that will leave you reeling. On a lighter note you also get to experience your foreign language skills. Foremost, You get to see:

how smart you are!

Whether you got lost on purpose or accidentally, you eventually have to find your way back to your destination. This is your chance to know how good your critical thinking and skills are. Most importantly, how well you react under pressure.

8- Eat Local Food

fried scorpions

Every place you plan to visit, take out some time to research local cuisine. Your purpose to rediscover yourself will be half enthused if you plan to eat the usual food ‘to keep it safe’. First on your travel bucket list is to try local delicacies and food. You will surprised by the exclamatory remarks after you reminisce the moments revolving around eating fried scorpions, sugar coated cockroaches and snake soup. YIKES.

We are only kidding!

Taste a bit of everything and ask for recommendations. Your chances to come across a certain unusual food cuisine is relatively low. However, a little research before you plan to eat locally will be helpful.

9- Challenge Yourself

challenge yourself while traveling

Challenge yourself to try new things that normally give you anxiety. A new activity is the best way to challenge yourself and break out from your comfort zone. The more you try new things the more you will find a positive change in yourself. Go on long hikes and trek, splurge a bit more than the budget you decided, adopt a pet form a shelter, taste food you find unusual and the list is endless.

10- Write Notes

travel inspirational journals

This is extremely useful. Write notes, be it small pointers. Information like the people you met, interesting conversations, your feelings regarding a particular place or surprising encounters: Note them down. This will be your own travel journal and way better than reminiscing moments limited to photographs only.  These particular notes will be your motivation for your next travel plan to pursue.

Bonus Tip: Travel More

travel the world.

The first advice given in the article to quit your job and travel may not be possible for everyone. We all, at some point have to return back to our routine and get on with life. However, an escape every now and then is necessary to rejuvenate. If you truly want to travel more, you can do it!

It’s a big beautiful, exciting and fascinating world out there 

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