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10 Most Creative Ways to Save for Traveling

10 Most Creative Ways To Save Money For Traveling

Is traveling maximum number of places one of your goals this year but your bank account tells you a different story? You are definitely about to find a solution to what your bank account says by knowing about the ten most creative ways to save money for traveling.

Traveling is one of the most effective activities to open up your mind, gain confidence and learn about the world and people around you in a way that is totally fun. Where turning your travel dreams into a reality seems like a huge uphill battle with no clue of where to start from, here are a couple of unique and effective ways to save money for travelling.

1. Open a Dedicated Savings Account

In most cases, the cost to set up an account is zero. So, setting up a single dedicated account for travel money is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to know how much savings have you done. It also lets you keep a track of your balance after spending while traveling. Also, your money are kept from mingling with other regular accounts without much effort.

2. The Trusty Change Jar

If opening a dedicated travel account is kind of a hassle for you, here is a simpler way to save. It is quite a traditional way and adopted by our grandmothers and elders during their times for effective saving. Just keep a huge saving jar on your bed side table and put all the change you have at the end of the day in it. Make it a habit and it will add up to quite an amount, which might even leave you in awe!

3. Pick Up a Side Gig

If you are already earning through a regular job, it wouldn’t hurt picking up a “side gig”, i.e. doing something extra for travel savings. It definitely does not mean working to death, but doing something that would actually interest you. For example, love coffee? How about getting a part time gig as a barista at a trendy café nearby? By the time your peers start making fun of your part time gig, you will be already backpacking across Western Europe!

4. Try Freelancing Websites

Well, if you are unable to get an opportunity as mentioned in the previous point, you can skim through some freelancing websites such as oDesk etc. and get some freelancing opportunities. You can work with your client online and earn decent money. Other than oDesk, social networks including Linkedin are a good platform for seeking freelancing opportunities matching your skillset and interest.

5. Sell Something

If you really look around the house, there must be a lot of things which you do not need anymore but just have. The fastest and easiest ways to make some extra cash these days is selling something you do not want. Also, websites like OLX have made it even better and convenient. With a few pictures, description and price you can sell anything and get instant money.

6. Stop Buying

Next time when you are about to pay for something you buy, just ask yourself one question, “Do you really need it?”. This question can solve a lot of problems when it comes to buying unnecessary things or what they call, impulse buying. Yes, it does sound simple but needs quite a lot of restraint.

7. Limit Luxuries

It requires courage, but it is definitely not impossible to cut on your luxuries. What you can do is that instead of eating out with friends, you can do a potluck party at home. Or maybe, instead of watching a movie in theatre with family or friends, you can plan a movie night at home or at a friend’s apartment. There are plenty of things which can be enjoyed in minimal cost or even for free in order to save money for traveling.

8. Cancel Unnecessary Memberships / Subscriptions

Yes, these amounts for memberships do not seem to be much, but trust me once you give up your unused gym membership, magazine subscriptions, monthly horoscope or beauty memberships, you are definitely going to get a big surprise on how much they add up to be. So quit or cancel your unnecessary subscriptions and save for your travel experiences.

9. Make Your Credit Card Work for You

Every other day there are different discounts and deals announced by banks on the use of credit cards, in the form of extra airline miles, seat upgrades, hotel accommodation etc. We ignore them and sometimes do not even know about them. Putting these discounts and deals to use saves quite a lot. So always look out for vacation deals on your credit card and avail them.

10. Online Hotel Reservation and Flight Booking

Online hotel reservation and flight booking websites, like have various seasonal discounts and deals for their customers. So these free subscriptions can come in handy for you. So when traveling, keep an eye on these deals for cost saving.

So, if you are a travel freak, but your bank account makes you sad, never give up and save smartly for your travel experience.

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