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12 Awesome Things You Will Find In Pakistan

Pakistan is not what you think it is. If you ever travel to the country, you will find the people very warm and welcoming. Besides, these 12 awesome things you will find in Pakistan will make you want to come back at least once!


1. Overloaded Vehicles


Rishtedaars are what matter to us the most, so even if anyone is going to the park in the neighbourhood, it is important to take khala, nano, mami chachi, tayi amma, dadi and their children along, in an overloaded vehicle. Trust me, whether it is a bike, rickshaw or a car, we have the perfect skillset for adjusting maximum number of people in one vehicle.


2. English at its Best

Pakistan Funny English

We love angrezi whether it is about writing or talking in English. We do not care if we do not use it right, as long as it is English, we are happy. From calling a microwave “ultrasound” and drip “grip”, we are not ashamed of the way we pronounce certain words or use them wrong. No one can be as chill as us Pakistanis, not caring about what others will think!


3. Anday Wala Burger

You can go anywhere in the world and will not find anything which by all means can replace the famous anday wala burger. Buns toasted in oil, with a layer of anda (egg) and shami (a patty made with lentils and a bit of meat), crispy salad and bright red ketchup, each and every ingredient mentioned makes this burger special and loved by Pakistanis.


4. Thaa Cola

thaa cola

There is no comparison to thaa cola, a drink made with sprite, kala namak (Himalayan black salt) and lemon. It is called thaa cola because of the pop sound it makes when the bottle is opened with an opener, fascinating, isn’t it?


5. Ads on Walls

urdu wall art

You will find all sort of advertising slogans on different walls in streets. These slogans can be the most funniest things ever, at the same time, these ads can be the most beautiful piece of art one has ever seen. From matrimonial ads to desi totkay and contact numbers of neem hakeem for remedial treatments, you will not get bored stopping at a signal nearby.


6. Swimming in Canal

lahore canal in summers

Na bijli na pani phir bhi dil hai Pakistani

During summers when loadshedding takes over our lives, Canal is where Pakistani kids head over for a nice swim. You will definitely find these happy faces diving in the canal in Pakistan only. We find happiness in small things!


7. Painted Trucks and Rickshaws

rickshaw funny messages

From Dawa Khana Hakeem Suleman to Pas kar ya bardasht kar, you will find tonnes of quotations on trucks and rickshaws which are always decorated with different embellishments and colours. These vehicles are a sight, and one cannot help but take a picture of these beautiful cultural symbols!


8. The Largest Volunteer Ambulance Network in the World

edhi ambulance network pakistan

We might not be as developed as other nations in the world, but you will find the largest volunteer ambulance network in the world, founded by late Abdul Sattar Edhi, under the name of Edhi Foundation.


9. Second Largest Salt Mine the World

salt mines pakistan

Khewra is the second largest salt mine in the world, located near Kallar Kahar with history dating back to 320 BC. There are numerous hotels and camping sites nearby for visitors to enjoy. 


10. Sixth Largest Army in the World

Pakistan Army

Pakistani armed forces are ranked as the sixth largest in the world, over 642,000 manpower. A large number of Pakistan Armed Forces is deployed in different countries as a part of UN’s peacekeeping mission. In 2010 only, around 12,000 army personnel were serving overseas, making Pakistan one of the large contributors of troops to United Nations.  


11. Some of the Highest Peaks in the World

Nanga Parbat , Pakistan

Home to flora fauna and breathtaking natural views, you will find some of the most famous and highest peaks in the world including K-2, the mighty Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrum I, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum II etc.


12. Cricket Craze

Pakistan cricket craze

From young boys playing cricket in every nook and corner, to huge crowds supporting cricket in the stadium, Pakistan as a nation is crazy about cricket and forgets all the differences while supporting Pakistan against India especially, because Kohli nahi hota tujhse chase!

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