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Explore Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is full of places that are soothing to the soul, with the lush forests to the roaring waterfalls and the magnificent mountains. Each has a unique sense of beauty that cannot be portrayed through any photograph yet still succeed in capturing more than just the interest of many.

Explore The Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Trango Towers Gilgit Baltistan

trango Tower

The Trango Towers are a group of dramatic granite spires located on the north side of the Baltoro Glacier, in Baltistan, a district of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. They are part of the Baltoro Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakorum Range. The Towers offer some of the largest cliffs and most challenging rock climbing in the world. (Book hotels in Gilgit Baltistan)The highest point in the group is the summit of Great Trango Tower, 6,286 m (20,608 ft). (Note: all elevations in this article are subject to significant uncertainty: it is not clear if they have ever been determined precisely, and sources vary.) The east face of the Great Trango Tower features the world’s greatest nearly vertical drop.

Lulusar Lake Naran Valley

Lulusar Lake

Lulusar (Lulusir) Lake is located almost 48km away from Naran Bazar, it takes 1.5 hours of drive from Naran Bazar. Lulusar Lake is accessible by any kind of vehicle. Lulusar is very popular tourists spot in Kaghan Valley and people must visit lake while going to Babusar Top. There are no hotels near Lulusir but you may find many hotels in Naran . By keeping Naran as base camp you can visit lulusir Lake. Visit lulusar lake trip with your friends and family.

Pakistan Monument Islamabad

Pakistan Monument

As you pass by the Zero Point Interchange, you can spot a building nestled atop the Shakarparian Hills, in the shape of a flower in bloom. Hotels near Shakarparia.

The Pakistan Monument, due to its vantage point, not only provides a panoramic view of Islamabad, it is also a place one can visit to learn more about the history of Pakistan.

To the left of the monument, stands the Pakistan Monument Museum, which was established by the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage — Lok Virsa, in 2010, to pay tribute to the national heroes of the country, who sacrificed everything to realise the dream of Pakistan.

Rohtas Fort

Rohtas For jehlum

Some 16km northwest of Jhelum, colossal Rohtas Fort is an extraordinary example of military architecture. It was started in 1543 by the Pashtun ruler Sher Shah Suri, to protect the strategic Peshawar to Calcutta (now Kolkata) road from the Mughals and their allies. He never lived to see its completion and work was carried on by succeeding rulers. However, it was soon made redundant when Akbar moved his frontier to Attock and built a new fort there.

Sheesh Mahal Lahore Fort

sheesh mahal lahore

Sheesh Mahal (Palace of mirrors) is famous for its beautiful intricate mirror artwork. Its walls and ceiling are made with thousands of small mirrors. This artwork is unique in whole world. This is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is situated at Lahore fort, Pakistan.

Saif Ul Malook Naran Valley

saif ul malook

Saiful Malook is one of the most beautiful lakes one can imagine to exist on the surface of this earth. When we talk about this lake, words fail to describe its beauty. Anyone who has been there once can never forget the time that was spent in the company of this enchanting lake. Once we are there we never feel like leaving it; quite opposite to the Trevy Fountain in Rome, the eternal city where the visitors throw coins to wish they would come back soon. Here in the fairyland you don’t need to throw any coin.

Mohenjo Daro Sindh

mohenjo daro sindh

Archaeologists first visited Mohenjo Daro in 1911. Several excavations occurred in the 1920s through 1931. Small probes took place in the 1930s, and subsequent digs occurred in 1950 and 1964.

The ancient city sits on elevated ground in the modern-day Larkana district of Sindh province in Pakistan.

During its heyday from about 2500 to 1900 B.C., the city was among the most important to the Indus civilization, Possehl says. It spread out over about 250 acres (100 hectares) on a series of mounds, and the Great Bath and an associated large building occupied the tallest mound. You can reserve best hotels near Mohenjo Daro Sindh with all facilites through

Shalimar Garden Lahore

shalimar garden lahore

The Shalimar Gardens, a Mughal garden complex, are located near Baghbanpura in Lahore. Its construction began in 1641 AD and was completed the following year in the era of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The project management was carried out under the superintendence of Khalilullah Khan, a noble of Shah Jahan’s court, in cooperation with Ali Mardan Khan and Mulla Alaul Maulk Tuni. It is one of the greatest gardens in the world, representing of the Islamic concept of Paradise. The site was inscribed on the World Heritage List, along with Lahore Fort in 1981. If you want to explore the beauty of Old Lahore you can book the trip to Old Lahore.

Khewra Mine

Khewra Salt Mine

Khewra is famous for having world ‘s second largest salt mine , which is the largest by area-wise in the world .

It is estimated that the mine contains more than 82 million metric tons of reserves of rock salt. It has an annual output of around 0.35 million tons of which 60 percent is sold to a soda ash manufacturing factory in Khewra.

Daman e Koh Islamabad

Daman e koh islamabad

Daman-e-Koh is a viewpoint and top hill garden located in the middle of Margalla Hills, to the north of Islamabad, Pakistan. It is about 2400ft from sea level and 500ft from the capital city of Islamabad with the common sight of monkeys during the winter season. You can reserve best cheap hotels near Daman-e-koh at best rates. The name, Daman-e-Koh derives from two Persian words; Daman means lap and Koh mean Mountain, which together means lap of mountain or foothills. For tourists, it is a midpoint on their way to the higher viewpoint Pir Sohawa with about 4800ft above from sea level which is located on the top of Margalla Hills.

Derawar Fort Bahawalpur

Derawar Fort  Bahawalpur

In the desert of Cholistan, the soldiers are long gone, but one of the most remarkable forts of the medieval world still exists as private property, owned by the royal Abassi family who also keep a necropolis for their family on the property.

Derawar Fort is more than 1 kilometer in circumference and 30 meters high, featuring 40 stunning bastions rising out of the vast expanse of empty desert. Its ramparts are wide and smooth, creating an imposing structure unlikely to be breached by advancing forces and, more useful for modern times, an unique appearance more compelling than typical straight-walled castles.

It’s very difficult to reach Derawar Fort in its remote location, and typically one needs to hire a special guide to take them on the full-day journey to the site of the fort. That said, pretty much anyone can go look at it, but to go inside, one needs special permisssion from the Amir of Bahawalpur, so visitors need to plan ahead to get the full experience.

Hiran Minar Sheikhupura

Hiran Minar  Sheikhupura

About 43 km from Lahore and 9 km from Sheikhupura, there is a famous monument Hiran Minar (Deer Tower) . It is about 100 foot high tower built by the Emperor Jahangir in memory of his beloved antelope. Sheikhupura once was the royal hunting ground in the 17th Century.

According to historical narrates, on March 31, 1607, an antelope was captured alive while hunting. When the antelope was brought in front of the emperor, it showed instant affection, seating down at Jahangir’s feet, as if pleading to be spared. The king liked the gesture, and adopted the antelope, giving him name “Mansraj”. The deer enjoyed the royal hospitality, until it death in 1620. On its death, King ordered a minaret to be built at his grave, hence the name Hiran Minar. Hunting was also prohibited after the death of Mans Raj and this ground was changed into a protected sanctuary. An octagonal tower and square lake at the foot of grave was added later which used to provide drinking water to animals of the sanctuary on the time.

Astola Island

Astola Island

Visit the Astola Island also known as Haftallar Island and Hindu pilgrimage place an ecological reserves on coast of Makran and see the heavenly Astola Island near Ormara.

The region bordering the Arabian Sea is known as the Makran, a harsh desert landscape bound by the coast on one side and low mountains on the other The coast of Makran possesses only one island, Astola Island, near Pasni, and several insignificant islets.

Katas Raj Temple

Karas Raj Temple

The Katas Raj temples are located near Chakwal in Punjab, Pakistan. These multiplex temples are the masterpiece of art and the temples are on a hilly surface, standing homage to the deity and goddess of Hindu folklore. The temples are unique in their style of architecture and carry deep layers of history embedded into their walls and surroundings. The divine temples are connected to one another by walkways.

Katas Raj Temples are the second most holiest Place for the Hindus. the pond between the temples is considered to the teardrop of Lord Shiva- one of the three main Hindu Gods.

Hingol National Park Balochistan

Hingol National Park

Very few people have seen the Hingol National Park in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Its nearest approach is from Karachi. Most visitors tend to go to the Hinglaj temple, an important sight for Hindu pilgrims but we managed to go deep into the national park with the Offroad pakistan who have made numerous visits there.

Hingol National Park or Hungol National Park is the largest of National Parks of Pakistan. It is on the Makran coast in Balochistan and is approximately 190 km from Karachi. The area was declared reserved in 1988.

Mushkpuri Top Murree

Mushkpuri Top  Murree

Mushkpuri is a 9200 feet-high peak which you can reach either by trekking from Nathiagali or from the track in Dungagali. It is about 90 kilometers north of Islamabad. On the way to Mushkpuri you can enjoy the marvelous view of Lalazar Park which is situated about one kilometer up the track from Nathiagali. The majority of the mountain range is covered with subalpine conifer forests. There are two tracks to reach the top of Mushkpuri. The first is a four kilometer track beginning near the Shangrila Hotel in Nathiagali. It passes through thick pine forests and goes up to 2800 meters high. The second track is from Dungagali to Mushkpuri Top. This is the alternative track which starts from the center of Dungagali, a place four kilometers short of Nathiagali, on the Murree — Nathiagali Highway.

Keenjhar Lake Thatta District Sindh

Kanjhar Lake  Sindh

Keenjhar Lake is also called Kalri Lake. It is located in Thatta District, Sindh, Pakistan. It is situated about 122 kilometres from Karachi. The lake is about 24 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide. Its maximum depth is 26 feet. The Indus River flows parallel to the lake. Kalri Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes of Pakistan.

Shounter Valley Upper Neelum Valley

Shounter Valley kashmir

From Shounter valley, one can cross the Shounter Pass to go in Astore valley at Rattoo. May to August is the best time to go to that place. It can be gain access to through a jeep track from Kel which only gets opened for a few months of the year. A best place for camping lovers, as camping is mainly common here; no such accommodation facility is available. Shounter Lake is the among the top tourist attraction here. A Shounter Lake is a small but very lovely lake in the Shounter Valley, Azad Kashmir. It can be accessed through a 2–3 hours of jeep journey from Kel (Upper Neelum valley) via Domail. The road though gets opened only for a few months only in summers.

Ayub National Park

Ayub National Park

Ayub National Park located on G.T. Road, near old Army House, the park is spread over 313 acres and includes landscaped gardens, scenic spots and a baradari. There are also three lakes within the park, with water sport facilities, lotus plants and fish.

Hawke’s Bay Beach Karachi

Hawke’s Bay Beach  Karachi

Hawke’s Bay or Hawkesbay is a beach in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is situated 20 km south west of Karachi. It is accessible through Hawkes Bay Road (Mauripur Road). The beach is named after a Governor from the Victorian era. It is a very famous tourist resort. It is a sandy beach with crystal blue water. Every day a large number of people from Karachi visit there and enjoy picnicking, swimming, fishing, and camel and horse riding. Hawksbay is one of the few beaches in the world where green sea turtles come to lay eggs. It hosts one of the rarest reptile species.

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