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travel while you are young

5 Reasons to Travel While You Are Young

Traveling provides new experiences to ponder. Travel not only has physical but has various health benefits too, including a great solution to people suffering with depression, anxiety and stress. However, age shouldn’t bound anyone, but traveling while you are young is the best thing you can do. Tripkar brings you top 5 reasons for you to travel while you are young and energetic:

You Have The Energy

Traveling is supposed to be fun, right? You can do almost all sort of fun stuff at this age. Trekking, hiking, bungee jumping, cliff diving –you name it! Wait till you get old and you might get sore knees or a stiff back, and suddenly all the fun stuff goes out of the picture. Or think about it, no one has guaranteed you an ‘old age’, so you might as well do it while you are young and alive!

You Have The Time

An average Pakistani student gets around 2-3 months of vacations annually, a luxury most working men and women are denied till they are around 60 years of age. Try delaying your travel plans while you are young and you never know you might end up getting too caught up in work to be able to travel later.

Traveling Changes Your Perception 

When I was young I used to think that the whole world was like Lahore, the city in which I was born. It was not until I visited other cities in Pakistan that my perception changed. So if you are planning to travel and also have kids, take them along with you to give them an experience they won’t forget for the rest of their lives.

Traveling Makes You More Empathetic 

One of the top reasons for you to travel while you are young is to become more empathetic. If you live in an urban city like Lahore or Karachi, and you have never travelled to places like Rajanpur, Sibi and Larkana  you can never fully grasp the daily struggles of the people living in such areas. Travelling to these places will definitely make you more empathetic to such communities.

Learn Money Management

Traveling is probably the best way to learn how to work well with a budget. You are young and you probably don’t have much money of your own, so it will give you a practical experience of making the best use of the limited resources you have at hand!

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