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5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Visit Pakistan

Pakistan has always been one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, being located in the third world has meant that there always has been a certain stigma attached to it. However, Pakistan is gradually beginning to come out of the shadows. Tripkar brings you some of the great reasons why is it the best time to visit Pakistan now:

One of the foremost reasons to visit Pakistan is that the Security situation is better than ever in the country. While the country does get a lot of negative press for being a terrorist stronghold, the truth is really quite different. The military has clamped down on terrorism with an iron fist and security situation has never been better. Not just that, but also the fact that tourist spots are especially secured by the government security agencies is another assurance for the foreign tourists.

Pakistan has always been a great place to travel to if you are tight on budget. The country has been facing huge economic challenges and its currency is highly devalued which makes everything cheaper if you are a foreigner holding a strong European or American currency. Trips to Pakistan cost far lesser than a trip to any exotic place like the Bahamas or Europe. The food is just as great, the accommodations just as classy and the experience is just as magnificent but the cost of it all is far lesser than any other trip – all of which makes Pakistan an ideal vacation destination.

Pakistan is still a bit of a well-kept secret. It is not counted amongst the mainstream vacation destinations as no rock stars or celebrities head to the country to celebrate their birthdays neither does western media have particular documentaries on the country’s natural beauty. Since few people know about it, there is a great way to stand out of the crowd and differentiate oneself from the mainstream crowd. Pakistan would be an ideal place to party and then boast about it to the rest of the world.

Urban development has been occurring at an exponential rate. It is amazing to see many of Pakistan’s largest urban centers transform into giant metropolitan with all the necessary infrastructure that is a prerequisite to any great modern city. Road networks are being developed at a great pace which means that there will be ample opportunities for road trips with friends. Far from what the media portrays, the road networks are secure, metaled and have international standards.Cultural liberty is at a peak. While drinking is still frowned upon in public, it is definitely not a crime if you are not a Muslim. Music parties occur often, and the night-life scene in urban areas like Karachi and Lahore is parallel to that of Mumbai and Delhi if not Paris and Dubai.

The government is eager to attract tourists to the country. This means that there are numerous tourism-friendly policies which one can take advantage of. These include subsidies that lower the costs even more, as well as widespread provision of facilities. Pakistan is definitely one of the must-visit places on earth and those who visit once always plan to return to this magnificent country again. Book a tour online with tripkar to visit Pakistan and enjoy its magnificent beauty.

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