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Avoid getting sick on holidays.

5 Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick During Your Travels

Its winter and everyone has travel plans! You feel like you want to escape the boring everyday routine and jump into some adventure. It’s great to have an outdoor experience but when you pack your bags, don’t forget about your health! Here are a few tips on how you and your family can avoid getting sick during your travels.

Safety First

First Aid Box.

That’s right! First aid kits go a long way if you plan on having an outdoor activity during your travel. Cuts and bruises are expected while trekking, cycling or boating. A first aid kit should include a sufficient amount of bandages, disinfectant and surgical tape. Some extra creams for joint pain can be kept if you are susceptible to those. Bug sprays are a must if you plan on camping.

An Intuitive Check-Up

Medical advice.

Before you’re off to your vacation, meet with your doctor and ask if there are any medical precautions you need to take regarding the area you are going to visit. Doctors are very smart people and you might be surprised by the information you’ll get. There is nowhere you can get better advice to avoid getting sick than the professional health keepers!

Have Your Own Personal Pharmacy

Personal pharmacy.

It’s great to be prepared and keeping a few general medicines like Panadol, Imodium, Benadryl and Aspirin is simple and can help you with most issues like stomach disorders, allergies and body pains. Keeping your medicines is better than relying on pharmacies elsewhere as you have them pre-emptively and there is always a possibility that a differently produced medicine might not affect your body. If you have any medical problems for which you are taking medicines, be sure to stock up on them before you leave.

What’s Mine is Mine

Personal Items.

Personal utilities such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, towels and handkerchiefs should be packed from home rather than relying on what your hotel provides as they can unknowingly be the vectors of many common diseases. By keeping your personal items you can significantly reduce the risk of catching any local epidemics.

Be Carefree… Except About Food

Bottled water.

Food and drinks are again the most common sources of communicable diseases and can lead to nasty allergies and diarrhea, spoiling your getaway. Avoid getting sick by by boiling water or by using bottled water; never go for the local water as your body will not be accustomed to it. Always be cautious about what you eat and drink from different places. Avoid food stalls and always prefer hotel food or food from the filled restaurants (because a lot of people can’t all be wrong…right?) A neat precautionary measure is to eat a locally grown onion; this will help you tolerate most locally cooked foods.

Studies have also shown that having a lot of fun can keep you healthy and fit so don’t shy out on experiencing new activities and places. Happy travelling from Tripkar!

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