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islands in pakistan

These 6 beautiful islands in Pakistan will blow your mind!

There are lots of islands in Pakistan and they are as beautiful as you have seen in films and pictures on internet. Tripkar has compiled a list of the most gorgeous yet unexplored islands in Pakistan with shimmery blue waters, captivating scenery and unmatched natural beauty.

Astola Island– Balochistan

Astola Island in Balochistan.

This island is located in Balochistan and is part of Pasni, a sub-district of Gwadar. Erected proudly in the Arabian Sea, somewhat 25 km away from the nearest coastline, this island also holds the pleasure of being the largest offshore island of Pakistan.

Churna Island– Sindh

Churna Island in Sindh.

Another Island in Pakistan for visitors to explore is the Churna Island. This island is located at a distance of 9 km from Hub River and is surrounded by a great diversity of marine life like ray fish, oyster, green turtle, fishes of diverse kind and Dorado etc.

Malan Island- Balochistan

Malan Island in Balochistan.

This island is one of its own kind. Located in Balochistan, the Malan Island is a mud volcano, which emerged in 1999 as a result of the natural phenomena occurring under the surface of earth.

Minora Island– Sindh

Minora Island in Sindh.

Manora Island is situated to the south of the Karachi Port. It has been connected to the mainland by a 12 km causeway, named Sandspit. It is one of the most popular spots for recreational activities and picnic among people.

Bundal Island – Sindh

Bundal Island in Sindh.

Another island in Pakistan for tourists to explore is the Bundal Island. Located in Arabian Sea is the twin island of Buddo (another island of Pakistan). Besides the beauty and recreational activities, it holds a religious significance for Muslims because of the the shrine of Muslim Sufi, Yusuf Shah located here.

Zalzala Koh- Sindh

Zalzala Koh in Sindh.

This island emerged near Gwadar port due to an earthquake in Pakistan. It was one of the high magnitude earthquakes Pakistan experienced in the last couple of years. It is visible from our coastline and is about 2 kilometres from the shore, in the Arabian Sea.

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