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fun games for a long bus journey

Fun Games to play on a Bus Journey

Some bus rides can be excruciatingly long. Some can take as long as eternity. The point is that bus rides feel long and tiring and there should be a good way to pass the time on your energy draining journey. The options are limited since you’re sitting on a seat that isn’t really the benchmark for comfort. Reading a book? It can get mundane. Watching a movie? You can’t really sit with your neck in an awkward position for that long. The key to a good bus ride is simple, playing games! The best thing about games is that the only thing limiting you is your imagination (and the physical boundaries of an average-sized bus). Here are 6 legendary fun games that you can play to pass the time during a long bus ride.


Antakhshri with friends while traveling
If you’ve had the desi experience of growing up, you probably know about Antakshari. Antakshari is a song playing and one of the most popular fun games to play. Usually played in teams of two. Each team sings a song and the other side has to sing a song from the ending word/letter of the rival team’s song. The best part of this game is that it’s deeply involving and there is no time limit or need to end, it can go on continuously (kind of like your bus ride). The game can be made more exciting if a time limit is set on how long it takes a team to come up with a song. No materials other than pure singing talent are required to play this game.


play charades with friends
Charades is also a popular and one of the fun games to play while traveling on a bus. Charades is played between two teams. In each round a team member has to act out a word, phrase or name of a movie or song within a specific time limit. The stakes are high in this game as the blame can go either way. Time flies by while playing Charades because it is highly interactive and diverts attention. Charades also requires no materials except for great acting skills.

20 Questions

20 questions to ask on a bus journey
A great guessing game to play is 20 questions. The game can get really competitive really fast. 20 Questions requires no more than two people for a load of fun. The game works in a manner that one person thinks of a word, phrase or name and the other player has to ask no more than ten questions to guess what the other person was thinking. Honesty is a must in this game or it can end in accusations of betrayals. To win at this game the player must be a master of detection.

I Spy

I spy game to play while traveling on a bus
One of the most fun games to play on a bus is I spy. A very interesting game and can be played with even two players. This is also a guessing game, and each player must say “I spy with my eye…” followed by a clue of any object in a surrounding area. The number of clues can be decided by the players, whether one or more than one. Players with peak observational skills are usually victors of this game.


play sudoko
A puzzle is always a great way to pass the time. There are some great books full of Sudoku or crossword puzzles which keep you brainstorming for a long time and distract you from the never ending bus ride. Everyone can play these and they are highly advised for people travelling alone.

Mobile Phone Games

fun games to play on mobile phone
If you’ve exhausted the above 5 options and that bus is somehow still going, it’s a great idea to keep a game or two in your mobile phone, and strongly advised to lone travelers. There are a lot of fun games to play on mobile phone. A few good options are games like Subway Surfer or Temple Run where your objective is to beat your high score, giving you a recurring goal. Although mobile phones aren’t the best option, they’re definitely a viable option for that bus ride.

Playing games isn’t the only option you have. If you’ve planned your trip through Tripkar, you always have a great trip to look forward to as we offer the best rates and most comfortable stay. Happy traveling from Tripkar!

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