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traveling on a budget.

6 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Are you day dreaming about faraway lands, inspiring photography and a life changing adventure? But reality kicks in and your bank balance indicates the only trip you can afford right now is to your backyard? As daunting as this sounds there are ways you can still travel and satiate your wanderlust!! Many travelers, especially the ones who truly wish to travel and wander, find their dreams crushed when they do not have sufficient funds to travel. Many consider traveling a leisure activity that requires enormous funds. However, with the mundane hub bub of life, countless bills to pay and the regular 9 to 5 job that constitutes to nothing new or different, traveling becomes a necessity. There are so many benefits of traveling; besides being physically and mentally rewarding, travel decreases your risk of developing heart diseases WOW! and most importantly instills a sense of rejuvenation. Those of you looking for some ‘travel inspiration‘ should foremost pack everything up and leave for a life on the road. As unreal as this sounds you will be surprised by the sense of freedom and the adventure that awaits so longingly. To make this happen, ofcourse.

Here are some tips for traveling on a budget

Travel Tip On Budget: Fly under the Radar

visit small destinations instead.

When you are planing to traveling on a budget, plan a getaway to smaller unknown cities or destination. There is so much to explore and enjoy around less flamboyant places. You will find unique attractions to visit and affordable eateries that won’t break your bank. A little research goes a long way. For smaller destinations you can easily book an affordable hotel online, find cheap car rentals and dining options.

Travel Tip On Budget: Eat Like a Local

Eat like a local while traveling on a budget

Another best travel budget tip is splurging on fancy restaurants may cost too much; besides the food- taxes and tips can add up to the cost making it an expensive activity. In order to amp up your experience, eat like a local. Go for a casual takeout or a small eatery or better yet; street side food! Not only will you save money but you will also get to experience the city like a local.

Travel Tip On Budget: Become the ‘Explorer’

Explore destination on foot or on cycle.

If on a budget, plan to explore the city on foot or a cycle. 

Visiting the city on foot if you planed your traveling at budget can be physically rewarding and you get to see and explore so much more. You will also save on car rentals and gas expense. Besides another option can be to book an affordable hotel near the city’s main attraction that are easily accessible on foot and provides you with plenty of opportunities to interact with other tourists and locals.

Travel Tip On Budget: Book a Tour Online

Book a tour online

What can be better than relaxing and surfing through internet for affordable trips and tours! Yes, with a few taps and clicks your can book a tour online, get personalized quotes and find out what suits your budget. You can save so much time and get a better deal out of it.

Travel Tip On Budget: Travel with a Theme in Mind

cultural festivals

Have a specific focus in mind. For instance; you are planning to visit a particular destination for its famous food or cultural festivals. Instead of deciding to visit the usual attractions filled by thousands of tourists from around the world, why not visit some place adjoining these famous landmarks and find a new world out there. Or you can focus your budget travel by volunteering in a local shelter and eating street side food only. In this way you will be able to save loads of money, extend generosity and live an experience of a lifetime.

Travel Tip On Budget: The ‘Trusty Change Jar’

The change jar for adventure funds

If traveling is on your mind for long and your bank account tells a different story, here is one of the most creative way to save money: The ‘Trusty Change Jar’ is one of the best travel on budget tip. A traditional but effective way to saving is to utilize a glass jar and put all the change you have at the end of the day in it. Within no time the amount will add up and you will be able to travel on a budget!

Let us know your tips for traveling on a budget!

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