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7 of the World's most Inspiring Road Trip Routes.

7 of the World’s most Inspiring Road Trip Routes

There is nothing like a road trip: hitting the wide open roads, mesmerizing sceneries that make you appreciate nature and spending quality time with your friends and family. Giant sand dunes fringed by sun- scorched valleys to primordial fossils hidden within flaming-red cliffs, get the most out of these inspiring road trip routes in the world:

Milford Road, New Zealand

An off beat adventure on Milford Road is one of the most scenic experiences on four wheels. Some of the Fiordland’s most striking and astonishing features are revealed on this route. Be it plush green meadows surrounding the road to breathtaking sights, many believe the route should be explored by walking. One of the most significant features of Milford Road is the Eglinton Valley, a surreal place filled with glacier ice and surrounded by mineral rocks. Further along the Milford Road areMirror Lakes where you can enjoy the spectacle view of the Earl mountains clearly reflected on the crystal blue waters. Besides being one of the world’s most inspiring road trip routes, Milford Road also includes gorgeous waterfalls and trekking routes for adventure lovers. There is a Homer Tunnel along the way which is hewed from black granite, worth a visit.

Milford Road is one of the best road trip routes in the world. The Milford Road overlooks some of the most scenic views including turquoise blue lakes and lofty mountain peaks. Also known as State Highway 94, the road connects the large Southland town of Gore with one of New Zealand's most popular destinations Milford Sound.

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Cabot Trial has been mentioned by numerous magazines and website as one of the best places to provide an exhilarating road trip. The trail is surrounded by 26 hiking spots winding through steep mountains to vast highlands. Cabot Trail is considered as one of ‘Canada’s Signature Experiences’. The trail overlooks the ocean where people dwell into panoramic views of the sunset. Besides, there is a road that leads to the ancient Louisbourg Lighthouse that is surrounded by thick forest and wetlands. Once you have explored the Cabot trail there are various activities for you to enjoy, including sailing, fishing, kayaking, nature walks, cycling and an exclusive whale watching tour. Cabot Trail is also known to provide artistic inspiration. There are potters and glass artisan galleries for you to traverse and be amazed.

Cabot Trail is known as Canada's signature experiences. The Cabot Trail is a highway and scenic roadway in northern Victoria County, Canada. The Cabot Trail ends at Cape Breton Highlands National Park, which is one of the top tourist spot in the world.

Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

One of the most inspiring road trip routes and known as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World‘, Karakoram Highway is a stunning spectacle. The highway is termed as the highest paved international route and at it’s peak lies the Pakistan-China border. It is the route which connects China and Pakistan across the Karakoram mountain range at an elevation of almost 16,000 feet above sea level. The path winds through mighty mountain peaks and is known to be extremely dangerous. However, along the road trip you can enjoy various spectacular sceneries including enchanting valleys, gorges and rivers. Karakoram Highway is considered as a marvel in the engineering field. The route was constructed by almost 15,000 men who put grueling hours in the formation and emerged victorious.

The Karakoram Highway connects china and Pakistan and is also an important route for trading between the two countries.Karakoram Highway is known as the Eighth Wonder of the World.The Karakoram Highway provides scenic views and is visited by many for its architectural engineering.

The Transalpina, Romania

Also known as the Transfagarasan Highway, the road winds across the Parang Mountain and is spread across 146 kilometers. The Transalpina Road holds immense historical and architectural importance for Romans. The highway has been attracting tourists and archaeologists from all over the world to explore its origins. This is an ideal route for an alluring road trip which includes alpine scenery and breathtaking views of the valleys and plateaus situated at an elevation of 8,000 feet above sea level. The Transalpina Road is said to be constructed in the second century when the Roman legions wanted to conquer the Sarmizegetusa- the modern day Romania. The route is considered to be an important route over the mountain for agriculture and livestock.

The Transalpina road is known as one of the most scenic and beautiful highway which is ideal for an exhilarting road tripsThe Transalpina is spread across Southern Carpathians of Romania and is one of the highest paved roads in the region.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, United States

A popular attraction situated amidst split-rail fences, old farmsteads, mountains and rare species of flora and fauna, the Blue Ridge Parkway is astonishing. Besides stunning views there are abundant hiking trials, camping sites and picnic spots to connect with nature. The Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. There is a national park at the end of the road trip which encourages numerous activities including, golfing, camping, hiking, motorcycle touring and bicycling. The national park is known to be a conservation center for various wildlife species, where you can interact with animals and have an exhilarating experience. There are historical attractions where you can attend festivals, events and exhibitions.

Tourists can enjoy a rejuvenating road trip with there loved ones on the Blue Ridge Parkway, United States. The Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

The Ring Road, Iceland

The Ring Road, Iceland is one of the most inspiring road trip routes. Majestic lava fields mingle with snow-capped mountains creating a world that will constantly leave you bewildered. The road trip is so magical that you will be driving past active volcanoes, blue ice bergs and roaring waterfalls making it one of the most unforgettable travel experience. You can watch bubbling geothermal springs, sparkling rainbows, glacial ice caves, beautiful horses, tumultuous waterfalls, and rugged mountains in a single road trip. The Ring Road connects major towns and is ideal for hiking and cycling as well.

The Ring Road, Iceland is one of the most inspiring road trip routes.Tourists can watch beautiful blue ice bergs spread across the whole road road trip.Gushing waterfalls are a sight to watch on the Ring Road in Iceland.Tourists from all over the world visit the Ring Road to marvel at its eccentric beauty.

Trollstigen, Norway

Also known as the ‘Troll’s Footpath’, Trollstigen is a 106 kilometers long stretch of road that ascends a massive gorge. Besides being one of the best road trip routes, the Trollstigen mountain road has 11 hairpin bends overlooking the tumultuous waterfall creating a magnificent view. For several centuries, the Trollstigen has been an important route for trading and is now one of the top most beautiful tourist spots. This inspiring road trip route is like none other where visitors can enjoy waterfalls of Dei Sju Systre, Friaren and Brudesløret, in close proximity. You can also experience world famous fjord- the Geirangerfjord, which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Trollstigen is a serpentine mountain road in Norway. Visitors can watch gushing waterfalls on Trollstigen, Norway. The road paves way through loft mountain peaks making it one of the top tourist spots in the world. Trollstigen serves an important transport artery between Valldal and Åndalsnes.

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