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hotels in shogran

Popular Shogran Hotels for an Epic Stay!

Shogran is known as an “Explorer’s Paradise”. A tranquil ice palace with thick white carpets and beautiful golden rays of the sun gently touching the peaks of the huge mountains is what Shogran is all about during winters. The magical atmosphere created by tall pine trees, with snow-brushed branches and a light chilly breeze has an unmatched effect on the tourists. Tripkar brings you a list of popular Shogran hotels for you to spend comfortable vacations or weekend getaway with your loved ones:

Pine Park Hotel Shogran

Pine Park Hotel Shogran.

Pine Park Hotel is one of the popular Shogran hotels for a comfortable stay and is located in Northern Pakistan, about 34 km away from Balakot and is one of beautiful Hotels in Shogran. The hotel has different rooms and packages to suit the varying demands of tourists. Where regular rooms are available at a cheap rate, especially while booking through Tripkar (since we promise to get you the cheapest rate), VIP Cottages are also available in Pine Park Hotel Shogran. The hotel itself is categorized as one of the very good hotels in Shogran. While the journey from Kewai to Shogran can take 30 to 40 minutes, despite the distance being 8 kms, we can arrange one of the most memorable trips for our guests to Shogran and surrounding areas. Tripkar offers a holistic trip management plan as well as hotel reservation facilities.

Arcadian Hotel in Shogran

Arcadian Hotel in Shogran.

The Arcadian Hotel is a 3 star resort. The hotel is almost 5 hours at drive from city of Islamabad. It is one of the most wonderful hotels in Shogran. The resort is nicely built in the isolated woods surrounded by thick spruce forest. Guests at Arcadian can wake up to breathtaking views of Malika Parbat peak, Makkra and the mountaintop grazing land of Siri and Pai. This hotel provide clean and well-kept rooms with in-house restaurant with Pakistani and continental cuisines. Arcadian Sprucewoods Hotel Shogran is perfect for individuals, couples, families as well as groups which enjoy a cottage style stay in the woods. For a perfect getaway to the magical and majestic northern areas, contact us and we will take care of all your tour needs.

Afaq Hotel Shogran

Arcadian Hotel in Shogran.

Afaq Hotel is a 2 star hotel in the village of Shogran. It has a earthquake proof building and offers basic facilities for its visitors. There are great views of Kaghan valley from the hotel. You can also have trips to Siri Pai, Shinkiari Huts and Lalazar from the hotel considering the easily accessible route from the hotel.

Lalazar Hotel Shogran

Lalazar Hotel is one of the most popular Shogran hotels.

It is one of the most beautiful Shogran hotels. It has a relaxed guest policy and welcomes guests from all walks of life. The hotel boasts beautiful views of the surrounding areas and is one of the most desired places to stay in Shogran. Car parking services are free. There are food facilities such as breakfast (In-Room), buffet breakfast, continental cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Pakistani cuisine.

You can enjoy the journey by allowing tripkar to manage your trip. You will get a ticket in your email address and pay as you stay.

Book a hotel online with Tripkar for a comfortable and hassle free trip to Shogran!

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