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Swat Pakistan.

Swat Pakistan: Places to Visit

Where the sky brightens its color blue, where fairy tales come true, where serenity finds its lost clue and where flowers blissfully disseminate their fragrance due – when talking about Swat, it is all true! Here nature has generously flared its colors and every color is worth watching and admiring. With a number of hotels in this area, tourists can make a comfortable stay at the gorgeous Swat Pakistan.

Every part of the valley of Swat is absorbed in the colors of nature in the form of snow capped high mountains, gushing rivers with shimmery blue waters and lush green meadows where the cool chilly breeze whispers secrets of nature. These colors of nature are not heaped up at one place, rather they are scattered all over Swat, and so we need to ‘seek’ them to drench our soul in all the colors and majestic beauty of nature.

Tripkar has compiled a list of things to do in this beautiful valley in order to amplify the penetrating ecstasy, which you will surely encounter in Swat.

Unfold your skiing passion

Snowy peaks in Swat is an ideal place for skiing.

All you need is just a fistful of passion, daring heart and skis to have a lifetime experience skiing on thick layers of snow. So, if you have all three of these things, then Swat is a dream land for skiing. Its snowy peaks are as welcoming for skiing, as sweet is for ants. Malam Jabba, which is at 2,652 meters above sea level, has turned into a skiing resort which attracts thousands of tourists every year. So, just don’t forget to sneak skis in your luggage; it will be a lifelong experience and a fancy daring story to explode among friends.

Revive your angling desire

Swat is an ideal spot for angling.

If you have a passion for ‘angling’, then Swat Valley is the place for you. Gushing rivers of Swat valley are not only known for their purity but also for having copious amount of trout. For this, Lake Mahodand is also worth visiting, but if you really want to dip in actual fishing scene, with proper ambience, then your stop should be Madyan. Located on the bank of river Swat, 57 km from Saidu Sharif, this place has trout hatchery; yeah, you read that right! Even if you are an angling lover, this experience is a ‘must’ while visiting Swat.

Visit the past

Beautifully engraved Buddha's sculptures are located all over Swat.

Swat Valley has historical significance and its historical threads are embedded in Buddhist era. Buddhist Stupa at Nimogram, 7 km from Landakai and Shankardar Stupa which is 3 km from Barikot are marks of that era when Buddhism was at its peak in this region. A visit to such places will not only add to your knowledge about Buddhism, but will also deify the significance of this valley. So, don’t forget to get a glimpse of history, whenever you get a chance to visit Swat Pakistan.

Plug on shopping mania

Various traditional and cultural street side shops are located in Swat.

In Swat Valley, nature is not the only artisan; people of Swat also have several innate artistic attributes. You can see several items as its proof in the markets of Swat Valley, adding to the traditional ambiance of the place. Handmade decoration pieces, household articles, colorful embroidered dresses, shawls, table clothes, mats, caps and beautifully carved wooden furniture are few examples of creative artifacts of the people of Swat Pakistan. So, if you come to Swat Valley then plug on your shopping mania and make a visit to the market.

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