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peshawar food

Tasty and Delicious Peshawar Food

Peshawar is home to rich culture and the hub of Pashto music, art and literature. Areas like Sethi Muhalla still consists of the captivating architecture of the old city with unbaked bricks and beautifully carved wooden doors. Besides architecture and art, Peshawar is also famous for its food, which is different yet delicious. Tripkar brings you a list of restaurants to eat Peshawar food for you to get on a roller coaster of flavors and irresistible aroma!

Khyber Charsi Tikka

Khyber Charsi Tikka.
The name captures the attention of many foodies! Charsi loosely means “addict” and the food here, including a variety of barbecue items, really lives up to the name. The most unique barbecue place in Peshawar, Charsi Tikka is centrally located on University Road. One of the most visited places to eat Peshawar food and It attracts a great deal of people due to their special barbecued liver and kidneys and arguably the best Chapli kebabs in Pakistan. The off-putting name gives it an even higher level of interest. People even order complete meals for various events from here. Charsi Tikka is the number one place for foodies to check out in Peshawar.

Chief Burger

Chief Burger.
A local fast food restaurant, Chief Burger started out on University Road as a regular place to eat. Soon they created history with their own invention, the ‘Loose Burger’. The Loose Burger is a like a chicken nugget with various fillings of cheese, French beans, macaroni and beef. Even though there is no need to say it, but it’s nothing like anything you’ve had before. Chief Burger is one of the most tasty Peshawar food to try and is also home to great quality beef burgers and foodies who love to experiment will have the time of their lives here. Chief has become insanely popular with the locals and should be on the bucket list of all foodies.

Jan’s Deli

Jan’s Deli is situated on Circular Lane, Peshawar.
An upcoming dessert place, Jan’s Deli is situated on Circular Lane, Peshawar. This deli is one of its kind in Peshawar and offers local and international delicacies and desserts on its menu. With one of the best dining experiences in Peshawar, Jan’s Deli is quickly making a good reputation among the locals. If you have a sweet tooth or just want to satisfy a craving while in Peshawar, be sure to try out this place!

Qissa Khawani

Qissa Khawani.
This place is a well-known local cuisine restaurant and offers meaty dishes. The menu seems to be inspired by Afghani cuisine with items such as Dumba (Lamb) Karahi and other types of Karahi. Qissa Khawani Bazar is a famous settlement of Afghanis and here you may get to taste authentic Afghani cuisine. For first timers in Peshawar, this experience is a must to all who claim to love meat!

Other than the big names, there are many popular bakeries such as Pak bakers, Sheraz bakers, and Jan’s who make excellent food that is good for a snack or to make up a great tea menu. Do give these restaurants a try and you will definitely have an amazing experience!

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