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The ultimate list of places to visit in Naran.

The Ultimate List of Places to visit in Naran

Located in the Kaghan Valley, 119 km from Mansehra city, Naran is a heaven for travelers with abundant of things to do in Naran. Not only is this place itself exceptionally beautiful, but it can be considered a base station for other scenic destinations with various hotels nearby such as Ambassador Hotel Kaghan. Tripkar brings you a list of places to visit in Naran during your visit:

Lake Saif ul Mulook

Visit the beautiful Lake Saiful Malook.Located 9 km from Naran, 10500 feet above sea level the lake is surrounded by snowcapped peaks. The crystal clear water of the lake adds to its beauty, and the reflection of the snowcapped peaks in the lake is worth seeing.


Beautiful view of Shogran.One of the places to visit in Naran is the beautiful Shogran. It is situated between Naran and Balakot, Shogran is full of greenery, and the beautiful scenic views are a treat to the eye.


Lalazar is a beautiful forest located in Naran.Located 21 km from Naran, Lalazar is the second most preferred day trip destination of people travelling to Naran (the first being Lake Saif ul Mulook).  The place is filled with thick forests of pine and fir which add to its beauty.  The road to Lalazar is adventurous, and not for the weak hearted. A jeep ride to Lalazar takes around an hour and 30 minutes.  For people who prefer hiking, there is another root from Lake Saif ul Mulook, which takes 5 hours.

Kunhar River

Gushing waters of river Kunhar.

Naran is situated on the banks of the Kunhar River. The scene around the river is extremely beautiful. For die hard adventurous, the sport of river rafting has been introduced in the area.

Siri Paye

View of Makra Peak from Siri Paye.Another lush green and scenic destination near Naran, worth a visit is Siri Paye.

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