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Musical Journey—Three Places Which have the Best Music to Offer

Music is one of the lesser important reasons for travel but, just because it is not much heard of, does not mean that it cannot become an awesome journey. Travelling to discover new forms of art is always exciting and a learning experience as well. In the case of music, you choose to travel for one of three reasons: to experience a favorite performer first hand, to learn more about the native musical trends or to find inspirations. The following are some recommendations from Tripkar to enjoy the best music around the world:

Fiji Islands

Famous for corals and diving, the beautiful Fiji Islands.
The Fiji islands are an enchanted place to visit. Beautiful white sand on the beaches and electric blue water make it a treat for the eyes. Now Fiji is known for many destinations and adventures but it also has a lot to offer in terms of music. Music in Fiji is a combination of beats from locally made drums. They are made by using good quality resonant wood. For the rhythm ukuleles and guitars are used. Another legendary instrument, and now only an artifact, is the nose flute. The modern scene of Fiji Music is a mix of jazz, and in some variations R & B with the classical beats. Suva, the capital of Fiji, has various demonstrations of the local music. The two most famous bars are O’Riely’s and Traps Bar which invite bands to come and play till late on weekends. For a dine-in and music sort of experience, the Bad Dog Café is the number one choice, giving you great food and an overall ambience that mellows you into the Fiji culture.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville situated in State of Tennesse, United States.
It is the home of country of best music, this is where legends were born or discovered. There are three major landmarks which all music enthusiasts need to visit once. The Grand Ole Opry House which the legendary stage and the original radio show. It hosts great performances to date from all sorts of performers. The Country Music Hall of Fame is a collection of all the greatest hits and records of the best country songs ever made. A hall of fame has great entertainment value and will never disappoint. Lastly, the Ryman Auditorium which is also the place to be for awe inspiring live performances. The collection of these and the various entertainment places in Downtown Nashville make a music lover’s dream come true!

Hansa Studio, Berlin

Hanso studio, Berlin, Germany.
To listen to the best music in the world, visit Hansa Studio situated in Berlin, Germany. This studio has become a legend on its own and is revered in the music community. It was built originally in 1912, but the hype followed after a number of world renowned artists recorded here in the Sixties and Seventies. The musicians to record at Hansa Studio include David Bowie, U2, R.E.M, Udo Jurgens, Peter Maffay and many more. The studio currently still functions with a recording room, filled with natural light and mind blowing acoustics to this day. The standard has been kept up to date with the employment of talented engineers and recording experts.

These are some of the places that deserve the visit of the music lovers and will in turn give back by making you feel goosebumps standing where legends once stood. You may find all sorts of inspiration, maybe from the ambience, the heritage or even just the journey but that makes it essential that you listen to your heart and listen to the tunes.

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