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Top 5 places to visit to enjoy snow in Pakistan

Top 5 places to enjoy snow in Pakistan

We are one of the most blessed countries in the world to witness the beauty of all the four seasons. Since winter is here, why not plan a trip to enjoy snowfall this year? Here are a few must visit places to witness snow in Pakistan. Also, you can always rely on Tripkar for tour arrangements, vehicles, hotel reservation and further guidance about your tour, without any hesitation!


Galiyat are always the favourite when it comes to a quick weekend escape from our usual routines. Not only do these spots have mesmerizing views during summers with greenery and blossoms, but are also perfect to enjoy snow in Pakistan.

Located in the heart of KPK, Galiyat are only a few hours drive from Islamabad. To witness snow here, the ideal time to visit is from December to January. Since Galiyat are very popular in terms of tourism, therefore, there are many guest houses and hotels here. Those looking for an economical stay can choose between Fogland, Taj Hotel and Afaq Hotel, in Nathia Gali. However, in Changla Gali and Donga Gali, Lalazar Hotel and Mushkpuri Hotel respectively, are budget options.

For luxury lovers, LeGrand Hotel in Changla Gali, Amore Hotel in Donga Gali and Summer Retreat in Nathia Gali are the best accommodation options.

Retreat Hotels in Winters Galiyat Snow Mukshpuri trek in winters Winter Snow in Galiyat Nathia Gali covered in Snow


Shogran is known as an “Explorer’s Paradise”. A tranquil ice palace with thick white carpets and beautiful golden rays of the sun gently touching the peaks of the huge mountains is what Shogran is all about during winters. The magical atmosphere created by tall pine trees, with snow-brushed branches and a light chilly breeze has an unmatched effect on the tourists.

Located at 10 km distance from Kiwai village and about 34 km away from Balakot, Shogran is a heaven during winters. From Shogran, you can either take a jeep/horse or trek to visit the picturesque Siri, Paye and Makra Peak. Again, being a top tourist destination, hotels and guest houses are easily available at affordable costs. However it is always better to book ahead of time to avoid disappointment.  If traveling with family and kids, Lalazar Hotel, Arcadian Sprucewoods and Pine Park are ideal accommodation. However, if you are on a budget vacation with friends, then Hiltop Hotel, Tourist Inn and Afaq Hotel are a few decent options. For a fully managed skiing trip to Shogran, you can always contact us.

Skiing in Shogran during winters by Tripkar Sun rays reflecting on the snowy Shogran peaks Shogran snow in winters during sunset Leafless beautiful tree in snow in Shogran


Skardu is the capital of Skardu District, Gilgit Baltistan. Situated at the confluence of Shigar and Indus Rivers, this gorgeous destination surrounded by 8000 metre high grey- brown mountains presents a view not less than a snow covered fairyland during winters. The three crystal clear lakes in the vicinity of Skardu: Upper Kachura lake, Lower Kachura Lake and Sadpara Lake paint a dazzling picture of the place with skinny trees coated with white blanket of snow. Skardu, with its bone freezing winters is equally popular among trekkers who make their way to Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp and Concordia.

Although the weather is extremely cold, however the experience of spending your holidays in a peaceful scenic place, under clear blue illuminating dark skies and phenomenon wildlife will leave you craving for more. KKH remains open throughout the year for the ease of the tourists. Besides, luxury accommodation such as Shangrila Resort, Tibet and Serena are also available for families and honeymooners. However, if you are looking for a budget friendly decent accommodation then Hotel Mashabrum, PTDC Motel and Concordia Hotel are ideal options.

Snow in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan Skardu snowfall, beautiful view Snowfall in Skardu, GB, Pakistan Beautiful picture of Snowfall in Skardu

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba, home to the only skiing resort in the country, owned by PTDC is an ideal place for one day skiing activity. This hill station covered with a thick layer of snow is ideal for those who are fond of adventures. Activities such as skating, skiing and chairlifts make this place a huge hit among tourists. Besides, if you love history and art, then the two Buddhist stupas and six monasteries, scattered around the areas are a “must-see” for you.

Since it is basically a skiing resort, there are multiple budget and luxury accommodation available in the vicinity to enjoy snow in Pakistan. Budget friendly hotels include PTDC and Swat Continental in the vicinity of Malam Jabba whereas the most popular luxury stay option is Serena Hotel in Saidu Sharif.

Malam Jabba skiing resort Malam Jabba Swat Valley Pakistan Malam Jabba in winters covered in Snow Malam Jabba Swat Valley in winters


Hunza valley known for its Autumn colours, scenery, historical forts and cherries, is a place which looks exceptional during winters as well. Where the valley is hidden under extensive layers of snow, the leafless trees, frozen rivers and serene atmosphere make it look heavenly. There are no transport problems as KKH is open throughout the year, however it is preferable to travel from morning till afternoon.

If you prefer luxury accommodation then Serena and Eagle Nest are reliable options, however those looking for economical travelling, then Hunza Embassy, Darbar Hotel and Al- Barakaat Hotel are best available options.

Snowfall during winters in Hunza Hunza Valley covered in Snow Snow on KKH presenting a beautiful view snowfall on a peak in Hunza

To witness epic snow in Pakistan, there are definitely not many beautiful places anywhere in the world as in our country. Make sure to take a trip during your winter vacations and resume your daily routine after an awesome snowfall tour to northern Pakistan.

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