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Donald Trump is the elected President of US.

Victory of Donald Trump: The Effect on World Travel and Tourism

On Tuesday in a stunning apotheosis of an explosive, populist and polarizing campaign that took relentless aim at the long-held ideals of American Democracy, Donald Trump is elected as the 45th President of United States. To everyone’s astonishment the election’s result rippled way beyond the nation’s boundaries, upending international orders that prevailed for decades, reverse internationalism and raising profound questions on America’s place in the world.

45th President of United States, Donald J Trump.By Donald Trump’s victory the markets have predicted a fundamental shift in international policies. Mainly trade barriers that the President wishes to create. Propelling a likeliness of US dollar depreciation. Indicating short term plus for travelers to America and many other countries, whose currencies are tied up to the US dollar and its fluctuation.

However, during the campaign the elected President invoked a great deal of hatred and fear dividing the nation’s population. With a lot of distrust and suspicion traveling to US may not be easy. Donald Trump during his presidential campaign out-rightly claimed a complete shutdown of Muslims entering United States. Seemingly stricter rules and policies will effect states such as Florida that thrive heavily on tourism.

Although Donald Trump has no prior political experience, the 45th President has a chain of hotels. With his plans to impose policies that may shrink the US economy, it is likely that the Hospitality , Aviation and Travel industries may dwindle in the future, indicating less demand, higher prices and uncertainty.

Donald Trump is set to take the oath of office on 20th January 2016.

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