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Adventure Sports in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country blessed with immense natural beauty and a plethora of potential adventure tourism as well. For many years, Pakistan attracted numerous tourists that came for the potential adventures that the country had to offer. Adventure tourism was rising in popularity even among the Pakistani people. Here are some of the best opportunities for adventure sports in Pakistan:


List of Adventure Sports in Pakistan

Trekking – Adventure sports in Pakistan

A popular adventure sports in Pakistan is trekking.It has become a very popular form of adventure sports over the last couple of years, especially among university students and young adults. The country has numerous scenic trekking routes, the K2 Concordia trek being one of them, that are not only mesmerizing but also challenging, thus providing the real thrill of an adventurous trek. Those who enjoy trekking can visit numerous areas up north including Gilgit, Naran and Swat.

Skiing – Adventure sports in Pakistan

A popular adventure sports in Pakistan is skiing.The Malam Jabba resort in Swat is an iconic Bastian of skiing in the region. Considered by many to be the birthplace of skiing in Pakistan, the resort has nurtured the sport since day one. Although terrorism did hamper the skiing scene in Pakistan, it is now back in full form as situations normalize and an increasing number of tourists head towards the ski resort. Malam Jabba is also the most interesting and adventure skiing sports in Pakistan.

White Water Rafting – Adventure sports in Pakistan

A popular adventure sports in Pakistan is white water rafting.Although the sport is yet to become mainstream as far as the local adventurists are concerned, rafting is nevertheless quite popular amongst the foreigners who come to Pakistan. There are many friendly natural fixtures especially near Naran that can very well support the growth of this sport. The northern part of the country has a great number of streams, rapids, waterways and waterfalls that can all provide for a great platform/opportunity for the tourists looking for some extreme adventure.

Cliff Diving – Adventure sports in Pakistan

A popular adventure sports in Pakistan is cliff diving.Khanpur Dam is the hub for this particular sport. The waters of the lake are welcoming to experienced divers and first timers alike – an absolute must for all those adventure lovers out there! The thrill for many first timers is so great that they immediately want to go at it once again.

Rock Climbing – Adventure sports in Pakistan

A popular adventure sports in Pakistan is rock climbing.Northern areas of Pakistan are blessed with numerous opportunities for rock climbing. The sport itself is still trying to gain traction amongst the masses- largely due to the fact that many people consider it to be too risky. Our advice to them would be to embrace it all together for what is life without some risk. The northern areas have rugged mountains and a great weather during the summers and so rock climbing seems to be the ideal summer trip that you have been planning for a long time.

Paragliding – Adventure sports in Pakistan

A popular adventure sports in Pakistan is paragliding.Another adventure sport that is becoming increasingly popular among Pakistanis is paragliding. A few years ago, no one would have heard of it but now, it seems as if people can’t have enough of it. There are many tour operators who oversee and arrange paragliding sessions in Khanpur and Islamabad who are responsible for training and equipping all the potential para gliders. Training for paragliding itself is an experience in itself. This is because the sport is quite dangerous and for an amateur, it could possibly be even life-threatening.

While adventure sports grow in popularity, it is imperative that the authorities ensure that they take full advantage of this opportunity and employ methodologies and planning to ensure a greater degree of the country’s promotion as a tourist-friendly country.


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