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Tourists explored Pakistan with Tripkar.

Tourists From Bahrain Explored Pakistan with Tripkar

A family of 17 visited Pakistan from Bahrain to discover the enchanting views up north and TripKar took it upon themselves to show them the best of what we have to offer. During their 9 day tour, the group visited the beautiful city of Abbottabad, enjoyed the cold winter season at Shogran and Nathia Gali and spent 2 days discovering the lively city of Lahore. Here are the tour highlights of tourists from Bahrain who explored Pakistan with Tripkar:

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Camping tips on what to pack.

Camping Tips on What to Pack for Nature Enthusiasts

Camping trips are the best outdoor experience that you can have. Camping is also appropriate for all ages, but only if you’re prepared well enough. The camping experience largely depends on what you have in your backpack, and how you packed it. Tripkar brings you a list of essential camping tips for you to have a great outdoorsy time with friends and family:

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travel while you are young

5 Reasons to Travel While You Are Young

Traveling provides new experiences to ponder. Travel not only has physical but has various health benefits too, including a great solution to people suffering with depression, anxiety and stress. However, age shouldn’t bound anyone, but traveling while you are young is the best thing you can do. Tripkar brings you top 5 reasons for you to travel while you are young and energetic:

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