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Why Patience is Necessary for Travelers.

Why Patience is Necessary for Travelers

So why patience is necessary for travelers? It’s easy to lose patience when you can’t stop imagining what it will be like to actually be in all the pictures you saw in travel magazines. It gets even harder when you’re travelling with other people, also anticipating like you, which aggravate the feeling. Once I went on the longest and most difficult and uncomfortable journey of my life up till now. It’s easy for me to say all this now, but staying patient on that ride up that mountain was excruciatingly difficult.

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fun games for a long bus journey

Fun Games to play on a Bus Journey

Some bus rides can be excruciatingly long. Some can take as long as eternity. The point is that bus rides feel long and tiring and there should be a good way to pass the time on your energy draining journey. The options are limited since you’re sitting on a seat that isn’t really the benchmark for comfort. Reading a book? It can get mundane. Watching a movie? You can’t really sit with your neck in an awkward position for that long. The key to a good bus ride is simple, playing games! The best thing about games is that the only thing limiting you is your imagination (and the physical boundaries of an average-sized bus). Here are 6 legendary fun games that you can play to pass the time during a long bus ride.

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