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Traveling in Pakistan – Transport You Must Try

Pakistan is host to some very funky and area specific transports that poses as an adventure. Due to influence of various countries and having survived many generations, now a collection of intriguing transports wait for you on your visit to different parts of Pakistan. Here are some common ways for traveling in Pakistan:

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festivals of pakistan

Festivals of Pakistan – A Story of Colors & Mountains

Pakistan is a country which is home to people from different cultures and religions. This diversity in the way of living has led to a large number of festivals being celebrated in the country. brings you a list of beautiful festivals of Pakistan celebrated to reflect our rich historical patronage and cultural enlightenment:

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budget friendly vacation

How to have a Budget Friendly Vacation

Want a vacation but your wallet says no?  Want to travel the world, but instead you sit at work trying to earn enough money to be able to do that? What if I told you that it’s possible to have a decent vacation on a limited budget? Tripkar brings you a list of tips to have a fun and budget friendly vacation:

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