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Dinner in the Sky, Eiffel tower, Paris.

Brusselicious: Dinner in the Sky

Ready for dinner?

An incredible evening, intimate setting, a  freshly prepared meal in front of you as the sun sets. All this while hanging suspended from a crane at Dinner in the Sky!
A unique dining experience where you will be strapped in a chair with 21 other guests and once the safety checks are complete the entire eatery is hauled at 150 feet within seconds.

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Shehr e Roghan also known as Gondrani.

Demons Abode: The Mystery of Shehr e Roghan

The ancient city of Shehr e Roghan is situated at Lasbela Balochistan, Pakistan. Also known as the City of Caves or City of Jinns, this archaeological town is visited by many to explore its roots and the mystery behind the caves. Shehr e Roghan is isolated from the civilization, many historians believe that the City of Caves was once a huge Buddhist Monastery in the eighth century. However, this place goes back to 1500 B.C and was rediscovered by the British in 1858.  Tripkar brings you some interesting information regarding Sher e Roghan also known as Gondrani:

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Haunted sites in Pakistan.

Halloween Special: Top Haunted Sites in Pakistan

The mysteries of the unknown have always fascinated the human mind. Be it a terrifying ghost story, century old urban myth or an eerie superstition, the unexplained occurrences or mysteries involving paranormal phenomena will always chill your bones to their very core. If you wake up to strange noises, feeling of someone watching you in an otherwise empty room and electronic disturbances, believe it or not your house may be haunted. Tripkar brings you the top four  haunted sites in Pakistan. Get ready to witness ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices and blood-curdling screams:

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The archaeological ruins of Mohenjo Daro.

Ruins of Indus Valley Civilization

Going a long way back in history, British railroad engineers were placing tracks through the Indus river valley when they found very old bricks that seemed to belong to an ancient civilization. The local people then told the engineers that ruins of Indus valley civilization were also made up of the same bricks! Gradually around 1,500 additional settlements were discovered and the existence of the famous archaeological sites Mohenjo Daro and Harappa was confirmed.

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Places to visit for a one day trip (مشہور سیاحتی مقامات) in Pakistan.

ایک دن میں تفریحی دورہ کرنے کے لیے مشہور سیاحتی مقامات

پاکستان میں بہت سی خوبصورت اور دلکش جگہیں ہیں جہاں ہم اپنی مصروف زندگی میں سے صرف ایک دن نکآل کر نہ صرف جا سکتے ہیں بلکہ ایک پورا دن پر سکون طریقے سے گزار سکتے ہیں۔ گو کہ ہر پاکستانی کی پہلی پسند شمالی علاقاجات ہوتی ہے مگر پھر بھی ان  کے علاوہ پاکستان میں بہت سی جگہیں ایسی ہیں جو دیکھنے سے تعلق رکھتی ہیں.  ہم آپ کے لیے ایسے کچھ حسین اور مشہور سیاحتی مقامات کی فہرست پیش کر رہے ہیں جہاں آپ ایک دن کے لیے اپنی فیملی اور دوستوں کے ساتھ لطف اندوز ہو سکتے ہیں۔

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