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Airblue Airline: Non-stop Innovation

Airblue Airline Limited started its operations in 2004, with only three leased Airbuses and two Boeing at its disposal. The airline operates by linking domestic and international destinations . Partly known for its efficient online reservation system and E-ticketing, Airblue is preferred by travelers for its hassle-free services.


Airblue Airline Limited

Airblue first started out as a domestic airline, with flight schedules limited to major cities including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Multan. On 14th August 2005 the airlines decided to expand its operations to international destinations, mainly Dubai and Manchester. With heavy investments into infrastructure, Airblue opened its main head office in Islamabad. Now, the second largest airline company, with 30% share in the civil aviation industry of Pakistan, Airblue poses as a strong competitor amidst major international and domestic airline companies including Pakistan International Airlines.

Airblue Airline Services

Airblue Limited, is known for its service quality. The company decided to ensue innovation and efficiency in its operations by introducing hassle-free services, including online reservation and payment system, E-ticketing, and electronic document handling.


Airblue Airline Cabin

Airblue limited, offers Economy-class cabin feature. Since the company’s aim is to provide accessibility and affordability, thus the airlines decided to drop their plan to introduce business class. The air craft features an overhead screen and comfortable leather seats. The airline also serves fresh and tasty meals, including freshly baked croissants, patisseries and sandwiches, served with the beverage of your choice.

Blue Miles

For frequent flyers, Airblue offers an exclusive frequent flyer program known as ‘Blue Miles’. Travelers can accumulate blue miles, and enjoy a range of services and upgrades including discounted tickets, flexible flight schedule, access to the executive lounge and exciting concessions on shopping and leisure activities. However, in 2009, Airblue limited in collaboration with the Royal Bank of European Nation decided to launch its credit cards renaming blue miles to now, ‘Airblue Card’.

Airblue & OnAir Deal

OnAir, an international company, provides in ground and in flight connectivity. In order to improve customer experience and ensure efficient aircraft communication, Airblue has now formed an alliance with OnAir. The airline will now introduce ‘Mobile on Air voice’ on twelve airbuses,  for its customers.

Freedom to Choose

Airblue Airlines, gives you the freedom to choose

Airblue Airline, now offers three pricing options including discount, standard and premium. For those who want to travel light can opt for discounted pricing, with one bag and 50 percent miles rewards, this option is economical and convenient. However, in case of refunds or cancellation, a higher fee has to be paid. Standard pricing includes more flexibility to change or refund your ticket and 100% miles reward on your ticket. Expect the best from Airblue Airlines with their premium pricing where travelers can opt for changes at minimal fee including changing flights and 150% miles rewards to enjoy discounts and concessions. Travelers at premium pricing can check in with two bags without any additional charges unlike discount and standard pricing.

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