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Animal Paradise – Zoos to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is a heaven for animal lovers. From the oldest zoos in the world to amazing wild life and safari parks, you can find  various animal paradise in Pakistan.

Tripkar brings you a list of zoos to visit that hosts various species of wildlife:

Lahore Safari Park.

Lahore Safari Park.

Located on the Raiwind Road, about 30 km from Lahore Zoo, this Safari Park includes species like Indian peafowl, Bengal tiger, common pheasant, emu, lion, mute swan, ostrich and silver pheasant and a few others.

The Lahore ZooThe Lahore Zoo.

Established in 1872, the Lahore Zoo is one of the oldest and the largest zoos in the world.  The facilities present here include, aviary, tiger house, elephant house, giraffe house, deer house, monkey house, crocodile ponds, snake house and much more. In total the zoo hosts a round 1380 animals and 136 species.

Karachi Safari Park

Karachi Safari Park.The park is host to attractions like, Swan Lake, theme park, chair lifts, safari tracks and much more. Future planned projects include, an aviary, boating facility, camping sites and a museum!

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park

Lohi Bher Wildlife Park.Located in Rawalpindi, on an area of around 687 acres, this wildlife park is a must visit for animal and nature lovers.

Murree Wildlife Park

Murree Wildlife Park.Murree Wildlife Park is located on the hills of Murree, on an area of around 240 acres. The park hosts animals like, silver pheasant, green pheasant, brown tiger, yak, common peafowl and doimeselle crane.

Kund Park Nowshera

Kund Park Nowshera.Primarily a sanctuary for Asian black bears and Himalayan brown bears, the park also houses other species like, cranes, deer, ducks, parrots, peafowls and pheasants.

Lal Sunahara National Park

Lal Sunahara National Park.Lal Suhanra Park in Bahawalpur is spread over 153,000 acres and is notable for the diversity of its landscape, which includes areas of desert, forest and water.

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