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Arifeh Hassan conquers the mighty Karakorum.

Arifeh Hassan becomes the first Muslim Malaysian Girl to Conquer the Karakorum Range

The ‘eighth wonder of the world’ the mighty Karakorum resides in Pakistan. People from all over the world visit the mighty Karakorum range to fulfill their adventure escapade and thrills. Similarly Arifeh Hassan, an adventure enthusiast decided to visit Pakistan and fulfill her desire to conquer the mountain peak. Her accomplishment doesn’t end here, she is the first Muslim Malaysian girl to surmount the lofty peak and celebrate her native country’s Independence day.

Karakorum Range in Pakistan.

Arifeh Hassan always wanted to pursue her passion for mountain climbing. However, her country known for its natural beauty and topography couldn’t fulfill her passion. Thus she decided to come to Pakistan and climb the eighth wonder of the world. Besides fulfilling her dream she also sought her trip to Pakistan to be very economical. While narrating her experience, Arifeh Hassan felt a sense of achievement, purpose and exhilaration. She also expressed her desire to explore Pakistan and thus decided to travel through road than air travel.

Her trip did not end after conquering the mighty Karakorum range. The young achiever decided to explore and try the famous Pakistani cuisine. She found the country to be rich in culture and diversity and found Pakistanis to be extremely hospitable and friendly. The young adventure enthusiast had a memorable experience, which changed her perception about the country’s negative image. Arifeh Hassan also professed that she would want Malaysian people to visit and tour Pakistan.

About her adventure filled experience, Arifeh claimed Hunza to be one of the most beautiful places she has visited. Another mountaineer from Malaysia, Najeeb Khan also accompanied Arifeh Hassan to the top. Both were promising volunteers of the training-cum-expedition program arranged by the Shimshal Mountaineering School. The training course for mountain climbing was taught by the famous mountaineer and rescue expert Shaheen Baig. Narrating their experience, Najeeb Khan and Shaheen Baig professed being nature lovers and sought various expeditions to promote their love for natural attractions.

The nature enthusiasts from Malaysia would want the Pakistani authorities to build proper trekking tracks and pursue measures to ensure safe travel and expeditions. The northern areas of Pakistan has the most potential for tourism. This industry could actually flourish with proper communication channels, accommodation and building hydro plants for an uninterrupted electricity flow.

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