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5 Top Places You Must Visit In Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur is one of those places of Pakistan that are not very popular among local or foreign tourists despite having a number of beautiful places to visit. Located in the Punjab province of Pakistan, Bahawalpur City is the 13th most populous city of Pakistan and boasts a bunch of must visit places.

List of Famous Places In Bahawalpur

Famous Place In Bahawalpur – Bahawalpur Zoo


Built on 25 acres of land, Bahawalpur Zoo is said to be very different from other zoos of Pakistan due to the animals it has and the way it is built. The breeding of Asiatic lions, black bear, Bengal tiger and dapple tiger was done here for the first time in Pakistan. Apart from these, Bahawalpur Zoo has a fish pond where a number of colorful fish can be found. So if you visit Bahawalpur, do see these beautiful creatures at the zoo.

Famous Place In Bahawalpur – Darbar Mahal


Another place in Bahawalpur that you must see is the Darbar Mahal which is a historical fort. Darbar Mahal has been attracting tourists from all over the country and abroad due to its architectural beauty resembling ancient Mughal forts. Built from red bricks, Darbar Mahal has been constructed in the same style as Lahore fort. The four connected domes give this fort a historical and beautiful look. From the inside, the light-gold tan colour of the walls gives Darbar Mahal an elegant look.

Famous Place In Bahawalpur – Masjid al-Sadiq

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Just like Badshahi Masjid is a popular tourism spot in Lahore, Bahawalpur’s Jama Masjid al-Sadiq attracts many tourists as well. This striking Masjid was constructed just prior to partition and is located in the central main bazaar area. With the capacity to accommodate approximately 50000 to 60000 people at a time, Jama Masjid al-Sadiq remains one of the most popular mosques of Pakistan and also the major Friday mosque of Bahawalpur.

Famous Place In Bahawalpur – Nur Mahal

If you want to see an exceptionally gorgeous palace at Bahawalpur, Nur Mahal is the place to be. The Italian architecture and the area of approximately 44,600 square feet are major contributors towards the attraction of this palace. Islamic architecture is also visible due to the presence of domes. Also, there are 32 rooms, 6 verandas and 5 domes in the Nur Mahal which further beautifies the place, apart from giving it a spacious look.

Famous Place In Bahawalpur – Bahawalpur Shahi Bazar


Finally, another place that you must visit when you go to this city is the famous Bahawalpur Shahi Bazar which serves as a haven for shoppers. With colourful pottery, jewellery, traditional embroidered clothes and accessories, this bazar overwhelms all those who love shopping. Besides, this bazar also boasts one of the oldest Hindu temples of its times, which is still visited by many despite its condition.

Bahawalpur is a city of art, culture and heritage with activities for all kinds of people. The city has a lot to show you therefore it is not a place you want to miss. Other than these, the central library and Gulzar Mahal are other two spots that you must visit when you go to this beautiful city.

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