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balochi cuisine

Balochi Cuisine: Food You Must Try

From among all provinces of Pakistan, Balochistan is considered to be one of the most cultural regions where traditional practices related to clothing, cuisine and festivals are strictly observed. This lively province is rich in culture and tourists prefer heading towards it majorly because of the exceptional taste of the cuisine available. While the real taste of Balochi cuisine can only be found in that region only, the dishes are served in many parts of the country. So if you pay a visit to Balochistan or plan to dine in a Balochi restaurant, here are some cuisine you cannot just afford to miss:


Sajji is a popular Balochi dish.No matter which part of Pakistan you live in, many restaurants serve Sajji due to the fact that it remains the most popular and delicious cuisine of Balochistan. Sajji originally is made up of lamb’s meat but you may find a lot of restaurants where chicken sajji is served. Nevertheless, the taste of lamb’s meat is incomparable and hence it is highly recommended to try Lamb sajji. Other than that, the way it is cooked adds great taste to the cuisine that might make you crave for Sajji soon! Marinated in salt, Sajji is often covered with green papaya paste and roasted over coals after it has been stuffed with rice. If this does not leads you to drool, then what does?


Dampukht is a popular Balochi dish where meat is cooked in fatty oils.If you understand the name, you can somewhat figure out why this is one of the best Balochi cuisines. Dumpukht literally refers to cooking at a low flame and meat is cooked in fats. The reason why the taste and aroma of Dampukht stands out from other meat cuisines is because as the meat is cooked in low flame, the spices are better able to release their taste over a longer time. Also, the container, or handi, in which Dampukht is prepared is tightly covered so that further increases the aroma and taste in food. So do not miss out on Dampukht under any circumstances.

Kaak Roti

Kaak roti also known as stone roti is oftenly served with various Balochi dishes.Kaak roti, also known as pathhar ki roti or stone bread, is often served with cuisines in Balochistan. The preparation method involves the rolling of a flattened dough over a stone that had been heated. The stone is then inserted in the tandoor just like any other roti. Once cooked, kaak roti is very hard but there is something that makes this a popular Balochi cuisine. Try it and get to know why!

Khaddi Kabab

Kaadi Kabab is made from Lamb and various herbs and spices.Once again, a cuisine made up of Lamb name Khaddi kabab is very popular not only in Balochistan where the cuisine originated from but in many other parts of the country. Usually served with boiled rice, khadi kabab is prepared as Lamb is cooked on fire after adding spices. The taste of lamb’s meat is already exceptional and the Balochi way it is cooked makes it even more scrumptious.


Lahndi is also a special kabab made from Lamb meat and spices.Finally, a great Balochi cuisine that would satisfy your heart is Lahndi that is generally prepared using the meat of Sheep. The sheep are fattened specifically for the purpose of making their flesh suitable for the cuisine.

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