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Balochi Jirga: The Annual Sibi Mela

At a distance of 160km southeast of Quetta lies Sibi where the annual meeting of various Balochi tribes is held in the month of February each year called Jirga. This annual meeting is combined with a Mela that makes it more lively, cultural and attractive making it a Balochi Jirga Sibi Mela. Going deep into history, Balochi tribes used to meet annually at Sibi to discuss their disputes and this continues till the present day.

Already known for its rich culture and traditional practices, Balochistan is able to attract several tourists due to this Mela because its purpose has become much more than just promoting a gathering of various tribes. There is a reason why this is often regarded as the ‘colourful’ festival! Although there are so many activities that take place during the one-week festival, following are some of the very popular ones that attract a huge number of people from different parts of Pakistan:

Trading and Breeding of Cattle

Trading and breeding of cattle is quite common in Pakistan.Apart from the annual meeting, people attend this Mela for the purpose of buying or selling animals. It is believed that the most beautiful breeds of animals in Pakistan are available for exhibition or sale in the Mela that people from all over the country are interested in buying. The animals are also decorated especially if they are brought for exhibition purpose.

Balochi handicrafts

Balochi handicrafts are commonly sold during annual Sibi Mela.Balochi handicrafts are very popular not only within Pakistan but among foreigners as well. Tourists highly demand Balochi handicrafts and this is one opportunity to choose from a variety of them available on the stalls. Traditional Balochi clothes, wallet, turbans, decoration pieces and key holders are some of the many items that you can buy during Jirga and Mela.

Cultural Folk Dance and Musical Nights

Cultural Folk dance and musical nights are celebrated during the annual Sibi Mela.Throughout the festival, the Jirga hall Sibi remains occupied due to the cultural shows and music nights. The hall is quite spacious and can accommodate approximately 1500 people at a time. Also apart from the cultural shows and folk dances, viewing the local artifacts inside the hall at a small museum is also a “must-do” activity.

Camel Race and Fireworks

Camel race and fireworks during the Sibi Mela.Another great event that happens during the Jirga and Mela is the camel race. This event is a source of entertainment for all the visitors. Also, the nights are very lively and exciting due to the fireworks that take place. The moments are worth capturing! However, Jirga and Sibi Mela is not limited to just these activities. You may witness some other things happening because it is a week long festival. It is said that the people of Sibi spend approximately six months to prepare for this Mela and this explains their dedication of making the festival successful each year. The annual Sibi Mela marks the beginning of spring season and is therefore held somewhere in mid-February each year.

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