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Bangkok The City of Angels.

Bangkok The City of Angels

Bangkok is one of the most-visited destinations in the world with a number of hotels and other leisure activities to facilitate tourists. From beautiful palaces to museums rich with ancient relics and artifacts to savory and tasty Thai cuisines, Bangkok is known as the City of Angels. Tripkar brings you a list of places to visit in Bangkok for a fun and adventure filled trip:

Grand Palace

Grand Palace Bangkok.

One of the city’s famous landmarks is the Grand Palace. A stunning, dazzling and a spectacular building built in 1782 holds immense historical importance for the city. The palace has been home to the Thai King- Rama for more than 150 years and has been the center of administrative and judicial system for the government. With its awe inspiring intricate architectural details, this palace is a must visit for tourists. It is divided into three main areas namely Outer Court- home to royal offices, public buildings and the Temple of Emerald Buddha, Middle Court which is where the most important residential and state buildings are and the Inner Court, which is exclusively reserved for the king, his queen and his consorts. However, for visitors the main attraction is the Temple of Emerald Buddha, which displays one of the most sacred and divine sculptures of Buddha. Carved from flawless jade and decorated with gold ornaments, the sculpture portrays strong religious reverence.

National Museum

Bangkok National Museum.

The Bangkok National Museum hosts the largest collection of Thai artifacts in the country. Originally inaugurated by King Rama to exhibit his collection of gifts bestowed by his father, the government has now taken measures to improve the museum which currently displays all the artifacts and relics with proper descriptions in both Thai and English language. Tourists can enjoy the Archaeological and Art History collection showcasing ancient sculptures belonging to Thailand’s history and the modern Thai Kingdom. The museum artifacts also include various ethnological collections including Chinese weapons, gemstones, woodcarving, gold treasures and traditional musical instruments, highlighting the country’s history and patronage.

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park Bangkok.

Built in 1920 and named after the village where the famous deity Buddha resided, Lumphini Park is a must-visit tourist spot. The park has various attractions including a large artificial lake and beautiful lawns to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea. There are swan paddle boats and play ground for kids to enjoy. Tourists can also visit the fitness center with free access to aerobics and yoga. There are outdoor pools, badminton court and a skate board designed fountain for sports enthusiasts. Lumphini Park also has a fair share of beautiful sculptures and Chinese styled pavilions for tourists to enjoy.

Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House.

A house surrounded by thick forest is dedicated to Jim Thompson a famous American entrepreneur and the founder of Jim Thompson Thai Silk Company. The celebrated entrepreneur was awarded the ‘Order of White Elephant’, a prestigious award bestowed by the government to foreigners for their exceptional service to the country. Jim Thompson’s house is now preserved as one of the famous landmarks of Thailand. The house is open for tourists and visitors to enjoy beautiful South Asian art and cultural heritage. The gorgeous teak-wood cottage embodies Jim Thompson’s life-long passion and whimsical design choices.

Floating Market

Floating Market Bangkok.

Book a guided tour boat and enjoy the floating market piled with tropical fruits and vegetables. One of the famous floating markets is the Damnoen Saduak. Tourists can enjoy beautiful views and various Thai food corners with vendors selling homemade Thai cuisine and savory pastries. The floating market features organic farm fresh produce and also includes freshly caught sea food cooked on the rowing boat. A sight to please the eyes, if you plan to visit Bangkok, dedicate a day to solely enjoy the floating market with a lot to shop from.

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