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beaches in balochistan

Beautiful Beaches in Balochistan

Tourism in Balochistan might be a laughable idea to the uninformed, but the terrains of Balochistan hold a range of majestic scenery. Among these, Balochistan features a number of beautiful beaches as it shares the coast of the Arabian Sea with Sindh. The most attractive feature of these beaches in Balochistan is that they are mostly undeveloped and unexplored, so compared to the beaches in Karachi these beaches are much cleaner, with shinier white sand and a lot to look forward to in terms of sight-seeing. Tripkar brings you a list of beautiful beaches in Balochistan:

Gwadar Beach

Gwadar Beach.Probably the most popular beach of Balochistan, the Gwadar Beach is well known because of the name associated to it: the emerging Dubai of Pakistan. Gwadar also has a natural deep sea port which is currently being developed, making this beach in a comparatively developed area. The beach features a landscape of beautiful wind carved structures that make for beautiful backgrounds for a selfie!

Astola Beach

Astola is an Island in the Arabian Sea off the Makran Coast.

This is an Island in the Arabian Sea off the Makran Coast, and it is dubbed the ‘Island of the Seven Hills’. One of the most beautiful island in Pakistan which is  surrounded by natural rock structure. The surface of this island and the white sand, thick sea foam and deep blue sea make for a very breathtaking sight.

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach situated at Makran Coastal Highway.145 km off the Makran Coastal Highway, the Kund Malir Beach becomes a beach just as it ends being a desert. A very interesting terrain is created from rolling sand dunes and a waterbody at its edges. This beach has lots of activities which you can participate in to make a day out of your trip.

Jiwani Beach

Jiwani Beach in Baluchistan.One of the major established fishing ports in Baluchistan, Jiwani Beach is crowded mostly. It also makes for a very fun trip with a lot to observe and learn at the beach. Other than people, seagulls frequent this spot as well. The beach is shared by Iran and Pakistan.

Omara Beach

Omara BeachOmara beach is another beach cum desert, a formation of a curious landscape. It also has another special feature, the shape of this beach is like that of a hammerhead, which is why this beach is called ‘The Hammerhead Beach’. The waters of this beach are bottle-green and are quite shallow so you can try and take a dip!

This surely has given you a new perspective of Balochistan. Waiting is unnecessary, book a tour online to visit these wondrous beaches as soon as you can. Happy travelling!

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