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5 Beautiful 'Getaway' Destinations in Pakistan

Top 10 Beautiful Getaway Destinations in Pakistan

Beautiful places in Pakistan with name and pictures. What could be better than spending some tranquil moments in the lap of nature or sending your adrenaline pumping through the roof to some of the most beautiful Getaway destinations in Pakistan! With our travel bucket list ready and amped up let’s plan to conquer the unbeknownst and give rise to some of the best experiences to ponder this year:

Swaik Lake Kallar Kahar

Swaik Lake

Not a lot of people know about the beautiful Swaik Lake situated in Kalar Kahar, Chakwal, Pakistan. Why this is on our list?  Because the lake offers beautiful scenic views engulfing crystal blue water forming a dream like seance. Moreover, the place offers a bunch of adrenaline filled activities for the ones belonging to the ultimate ‘Adventure Club’. The lake protrudes a 45 minute hike amidst the mountain. There is a lush green stream gushing along the way before you reach the lake. In order to make you..

‘Pack your bags’

the ‘getaway’ destination offers a little spot for fishing and there is a small cascading waterfall as well. You can opt for various activities to enjoy including cliff diving and swimming.

Sajikot Waterfall

Sajikot Waterfall

Sajikot Waterfall situated near Havelian, Abbottabad District, lies a naturally formed waterfall known as Sajikot. People from all over the country flock towards this nature’s bliss for relief and rejuvenation. The three stepped waterfall manoeuvre water from a small gushing stream. However, the reason this is on our ‘getaway’ destination list is because the waterfall is situated amidst green meadows, flora and fauna and green ponds to gaze and marvel at.

The waterfall ascends from a height of almost 200 feet accumulating water in a shallow pond also known as the second step of the waterfall. The emerald green pond is a favorite swimming spot for visitors. The Sajikot waterfall also pose as an

‘ideal picnic and barbecue spot!’

Deosai Plains

Deosai Plains

Tired of the regular hub bub of life? pack your bags to one of the most surreal places in Pakistan: Deosai Plains for those seeking solitude and peace of mind should definitely visit Deosai. Also known as the ‘Land of Giants’ a common folklore about the plains being haunted by giants previously.

An ideal Getaway destination in Pakistan, Deosai offers a vivid quintessential interpretation of nature at it’s epitome of beauty and spectacle. From uninhabited lands to abundance of wildlife to high mountain backdrop to gushing springs, Deosai is the ultimate destination to visit this year. Besides dwelling into picturesque beauty Deosai also posits as a famous spot for fishing. For those who seek adventure can also visit Sheoshar Lake adjacent to Deosai Plains.

‘One of the highest lakes in Pakistan’

Shoeshar, appends crystal blue water surrounded by snowy mountain peaks and greenery to leave you magically amused for a lifetime. If the weather is clear the killer mountain Nanga Parbat’s snow-covered peak can also be seen easily. For those who love wildlife will definitely get to see Himalayan brown bears, red foxes and Himalayan Golden eagles offering a sight to behold.

Minimarg Kashmir


A scenic village situated near the Indian border, Minimarg should definitely be on your ultimate travel list! The quaint town serves as a perfect prelude to crystal blue lakes and green mountains of Domail. You can find the town being surrounded by Birch-trees a common resource to make paper. Both the places are absolutely pristine with no litter heap to effect the experience. However, the crown jewel of the place is the magnificent Rainbow Lake. The water, which is crystal clear, is sourced from the streams and springs that course their way down the mountain.

‘The lake is known to change colors as per different timings of the day, hence the name Rainbow’

The lake is surrounded by picture perfect wooden brown huts. You can also enjoy the famous ‘roll parathas’ the place has to offer. For those looking for a flavorsome delight for there salivary glands and magnificent views for their visual cortex should:

‘start packing their bags RIGHT NOW!

Wali Tangi Dam

Wali Tangi Dam

The dam was constructed in the 1960’s  with the purpose to provide clean water for irrigation and human consumption purposes. The word ‘Tangi’ translates to ‘passage of water’, and stores fresh water from the Suleiman Range. The Wali Tangi Dam posits a beautiful picnic and camping spot for visitors. Adjacent to the dam is a ground that hosts beautiful events including the famous ‘Attan’ the Pashtun dance.

However, the road to the dam is known to be very dangerous. The whole route is filled with loose stones and slippery slopes making it difficult to drive. People prefer trekking to the dam instead.

Old Lahore

Old Lahore

Lahore may posit a contemporary aura with all the development initiatives taken by the government. However, the capital city of Punjab is still known for its old emanation of cultural and historical originality. The beautiful getaway destination has so much to offer. From breathtaking Mughal architecture emanating century old stories to ponder and crowded streets protruding bygone diegesis, you won’t experience a dull moment.

Saif Ul Malook Naran

Saif ul malook Naran

Naran is a medium sized town situated in upper kaghan valley which is a part of Khyber Pakhtun khwa province of Pakistan. Naran valley is one of the most beautiful part of northern areas in pakistan which is elevated 2500 meters above sea level. River Kunhar passes through the town. Some hotels are situated at the banks of the river. At night you can hear the sound of water flowing and colliding with the stones. That sound gives a great pleasure. The divine Saif ul Malook lake lies at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley near Naran, and in the north east of Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa. It is the highest alpine lake of Pakistan.

Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam KPK Pakistan

Khanpur Dam is 51 meter high and has 110,000 acre feet storage capacity. Khanpur Dam is located at Haro River, KPK Pakistan. It is venue for airborne and waterborne sports. It is a family picnic spot famous for boating, long walks at lake shore.

The Lovely Bit Khori Beach

the lovely bit khori beach

The lovely bit khori beach situated at a short distance from Mubarak Village, Karachi, the lovely Bhit Khori beach is a scenic destination worthy of being explored. The sun-drenched beach allows individuals to have an awe-inspiring experience, as they tackle the waves and explore a beautiful and undiscovered paradise. Adventure lovers and thrill seekers can enjoy snorkeling, swimming and skin diving in the sparkling waters of Bhit Khori beach.

Neelwan Lake

neelwan lake

Neelwan Blue water pond is located at around 30 KM from Kallar Kahar. Neelwan lake trip includes a 30 minutes adventurous downhill hike into rocky barren and bushy mountains and exploration of some hidden Waterfalls and beautiful Water Ponds. We will spend our whole day while exploration and enjoying in those beautiful water ponds.

Hunza Valley

Hunza valley trip

Experience nature in the beautiful Hunza Valley. Hunza valley is a week long trip to make the most out of your summer break where you will be exploring Besham, Karimabad, Rakaposhi, Fairy Meadows, Altit and Baltit Fort, Passu Glacier and many more.

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Make plans with your crazy gang now!

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