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a day in the life of pakistan

People Of Pakistan: A Glimpse Of Their Daily Life

From the beautiful views  to the rich culture Pakistan has, each day makes us proud of our identity. Where our image has been marked with a dark spot of terrorism, here are the beautiful moments depicting the values of our people in their everyday life, compiled by Tripkar!

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shandur polo festival

Shandur Polo Festival: The Symbol of Pakistan

Known as the ‘Roof of the World’, Shandur-Top is situated between Afghanistan and Gilgit- Baltistan, where the Karakorum ranges and glaciers of Gilgit-Baltistan meet. Shandur is the highest polo ground in the world and the place is best known for the challenging yet interesting game of Polo. This game in the region of Gilgit, Chitral and Skardu has an old history. In the past, local Rajas, Mirs and Mehtars used to sponsor the game and at times,they almost spent 50% more of their annual budget on supporting Shandur polo festival!

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Swat Pakistan.

Swat Pakistan: Places to Visit

Where the sky brightens its color blue, where fairy tales come true, where serenity finds its lost clue and where flowers blissfully disseminate their fragrance due – when talking about Swat, it is all true! Here nature has generously flared its colors and every color is worth watching and admiring. With a number of hotels in this area, tourists can make a comfortable stay at the gorgeous Swat Pakistan.

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endangered animals of Pakistan

10 Most Endangered Animals of Pakistan

Animal hunting has been quite an old activity. Where it used to be done for food initially, it became a hobby and a status symbol later on. Gradually the hunting of animals for their skins and parts became an industry and big fashion brands, home decor companies, shoe manufacturers started using them for different products. Apart from hunting, the development of urban areas, pollution and destruction of  natural habitats played a vital role in increasing the risk of extinction of some of the most beautiful animals in Pakistan. Tripkar has compiled a list of ten of the most endangered animals of Pakistan.

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islands in pakistan

These 6 beautiful islands in Pakistan will blow your mind!

There are lots of islands in Pakistan and they are as beautiful as you have seen in films and pictures on internet. Tripkar has compiled a list of the most gorgeous yet unexplored islands in Pakistan with shimmery blue waters, captivating scenery and unmatched natural beauty.

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