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sibi mela

Balochi Jirga: The Annual Sibi Mela

At a distance of 160km southeast of Quetta lies Sibi where the annual meeting of various Balochi tribes is held in the month of February each year called Jirga. This annual meeting is combined with a Mela that makes it more lively, cultural and attractive making it a Balochi Jirga Sibi Mela. Going deep into history, Balochi tribes used to meet annually at Sibi to discuss their disputes and this continues till the present day.

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fort munro

Exploring Fort Munro

If you really want to get captivated by the beauty of Pakistan, then you have to sneak into its every nook and cranny, because Pakistan is a country where treasures of natural beauty are scattered all over. Beauty is not something which is merely engrossed in rivers, valleys, flowers or sky high mountains.

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Neelwan Lake

The Blue Water Ponds at Neelwan Lake

Situated a few kilometers from Kallar Kahar, Neelwan Lake is easily accessible from both Lahore and Islamabad. The location is ideal for a short one day trip with friends to enjoy the cold yet refreshing water for swimming or just dipping your feet in. Due to its isolated location, the lake has not yet been frequented much by tourists and is clean and pristine still.

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Lahore With Kids: Best Places to Visit with Children

Lahore is one of the most popular cities of Pakistan, due to its hoard of popular tourist spots and rich cultural inheritance. Lahore can be a great place to roam around and has a great list of attractions for children. Here are some suggestions to make a trip with kids more exciting!

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Gorakh Hill Station: A Trip To Take

When someone plans to spend their vacations in the craziest way possible, trip to various places of Pakistan immediately comes to mind. However, it is not always possible to go for a complete Pakistan tour due to time or budget constraints so it becomes difficult for people to choose between several options. Visiting beautiful hill stations of Pakistan has been a common trend in this country and people tend to have great experiences there. Here is some interesting information by Tripkar regarding Gorakh Hill Station:

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