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old cities in pakistan

Great Old Cities In Pakistan

The Indian sub-continent was once one of the wealthiest regions in the world, which is why many of Pakistan’s modern cities trace their roots to centuries back. It gives these cities rich histories, and a quintessential old city that residents regard as the “genuine” part of their home. Tripkar brings you interesting information regarding the old cities in Pakistan:

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lahore sightseeing bus

Experiencing Culture on the Lahore Sightseeing Bus

Lahore is considered by many to be among the most culturally rich cities in South Asia. One of the oldest cities in the region, Lahore has seen war, invasions, sieges, coups, sultanates, democracy – all of which has borne its mark on the city. The city has older, walled parts, a huge fort and majestic mosques and gardens. With all this culture and heritage, there is naturally a need for some kind of a platform that could bring forth all this beauty and allow it to take center stage in the tourism scene of Pakistan. Here is some interesting information regarding Lahore sightseeing bus for you to experience:

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demanchi hotel

Demanchi Hotel in Review

Perched gracefully among the mountains, Demanchi Hotel is a state of the art hotel that aims to provide premium quality services to its customers. The hotel is located at a premium location in both Abottabad and Naran and has become a hot favorite among the tourists simply because of the great quality of service it has on offer. The hotel has immaculately decorated rooms where no two rooms are the same; each has its own personality and charm and therefore is totally unique. The rooms all have great views of the surrounding natural beauty and the scenery truly does have an almost therapeutic effect on you. However, well-decorated rooms are not the only thing that the hotel has on offer.

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Mela Chiraghan

Mela Chiraghan: The Festival of Lights

The words Mela Chiraghan literally translate into ‘Festival of Lights’. This festival is an extravaganza of culture as well as religious fervor in its own right. Held on the shrine of the Sufi saint Madhu Lal Hussain, this festival attracts people from all religions, sects and social classes. The three day festival involves many pilgrims making their way to the shrine in Lahore near the Shalimar Garden, each carrying a lamp with them which is then chucked into a bonfire. The devotees believe that all their prayers are accepted when they attend the festival, and that attendance gains them favor of God.

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cycling culture in pakistan

Cycling in Pakistan

Cycling has seen a huge rise in popularity among the urban population of the country. Be it the need for a healthy lifestyle, or simply a catharsis for the soul bearing the stressful burdens of the modern life, cycling in Pakistan caters to all these needs. There has been an emergence of cycling fraternities and clubs in many big cities of Pakistan that attract thousands of enthusiasts.

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