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cholistan jeep rally

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2016

Cholistan Jeep Rally is one of Pakistan’s premier off-road racing events. The rally recently saw its 11th edition conclude with the winner, a certain Sahibzada Sultan taking the prestigious crown. Sahibzada Sultan defeated 5-time champion Mr. Magsi, whose vehicle had suffered a technical breakdown. The Cholistan Jeep Rally 2016 was the largest of its kind ever held which goes to show the ever-increasing popularity of the extreme motor sport.

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khewra mines

Rich in Salt: The Khewra Mines

I must correct my claim in the title, the Khewra Mines have a lot more salt than a pinch. By any means this is Pakistan’s largest and the World’s second largest Salt Range. Located in the Jhelum District, it is approximately 154 km from Rawalpindi. While making stops on the Motorway, this is one of the best places to visit. It has recently been developed as an attractive tourist spot, with lots of decorations and tour guides. There are also government built guest houses nearby.

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