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cholistan jeep rally

Cholistan Jeep Rally: Into The Dunes

Here are all the details you may want to know about the Cholistan Jeep Rally, an event that takes place every year. Cholistan is a desert area in the southern part of Punjab, Pakistan. It occupies about 16000 sq. km of area. The Cholistan desert was once a fertile land and it was irrigated by the natural flowing of Hakra River (better known as the Sarasvati River). IT has since dried up and the area has turned arid. The Cholistan desert joins up with the Thar Desert in Sindh which extends into India as well, making this area one of the largest desert areas of the world. However, the dryness of the climate does not harm the rich culture. The regional language of Cholistan is Saraiki, which is a sweeter and more entertaining variation of Punjabi. The people here are semi-nomadic, meaning that their life is different and thus interesting for outsiders to observe and learn about. The name Cholistan suggests a dry land as the word ‘chol’ means desert in this region.

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Tourists explored Pakistan with Tripkar.

Tourists From Bahrain Explored Pakistan with Tripkar

A family of 17 visited Pakistan from Bahrain to discover the enchanting views up north and TripKar took it upon themselves to show them the best of what we have to offer. During their 9 day tour, the group visited the beautiful city of Abbottabad, enjoyed the cold winter season at Shogran and Nathia Gali and spent 2 days discovering the lively city of Lahore. Here are the tour highlights of tourists from Bahrain who explored Pakistan with Tripkar:

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chai in pakistan

Brewing Love – Chai in Pakistan

As we have heard many times, Pakistan is influenced by many nations and has created a blend of culture that has many gifts to offer. One of the unmatchable gifts is the various renditions of tea we have in Pakistan. Travelers brought their own methods of brewing tea with them and different regions now have their own special teas to offer you. Tripkar brings you a list of favourite chai in Pakistan for you to try:

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