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TripKar Women in Boots 2017 Is On!

From being the driving force of the society to breaking stereotypes,  women empowerment is a global phenomena! In order to celebrate women independence, TripKar brings to you ‘Women in boots 2017.’ The four-day boot camp aims to promote empowerment, independence and self- realization. The event is sponsored by Stylo- “Jo Chahoon wo Paoon” along with Hotel Demanchi Abbottabad and Telenor Pakistan.

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Pakistan Super League 2017.

Pakistan Super League Final in Lahore

If there is one thing Pakistani’s are known for, it is there tremendous love for cricket. From adrenaline filled die hard fans to enthusiastic supporters, the stadium is filled with people united under one anthem, that is, supporting their favorite team. Pakistan Super League is one such event that brings together people to celebrate their never ending love for cricket!

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Islamabad International Airport.

Islamabad International Airport

Islamabad International Airport is a modern state-of-the-art project that will be completed by August 2017. The airport is spread across 3600 acres and will facilitate people with the best aviation services. Seemingly, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also professes to build airports in different parts of the country including Bannu and Mansehra to improve the provision for better transportation.

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Tech Valley Conference 2017

Being a startup of young, passionate and tech savvy travel enthusiasts, aiming to revolutionize the travel industry of Pakistan, Tripkar is proud to associate itself with an event focusing on the growing entrepreneurial and tourism trend in the country. With thriving tourism in the early years of independence, the industry played a significant role in the contribution towards the economy of Pakistan. However, with frequent changes in the regimes, policies and terrorism, the tourism industry showed stunted growth in the 90s and early 2000s.

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Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017.

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017

Launched in 2006, Cholistan Jeep Rally is a popular type of off-race organized by TDCP every year as a recreational activity aiming at the socio-economic development of the area and promoting tourism in the historical Cholistan Desert, Southern Punjab. Cholistan Jeep Rally 2017 is going to be a mega cultural event offering an insight into the typical nomadic life and traditions of Punjab.

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