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Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Most Beautiful Places in Pakistan

Being a country blessed with natural beauty and scenic views, Pakistan is considered as the up and coming tourist destination. From water sports to adventure sports, tourists looking for thrill and excitement or a tranquil getaway to kill boredom, can visit the following beautiful places in Pakistan.

Naran & Kaghan Valley

The beautiful Naran and Kaghan Valley in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Naran and Kaghan Valleys are one of the most visited tourist destinations, precisely because of the gorgeous Lake Saiful Malook and Kunhar River located close to the valleys. Kaghan is also known as the valley of fairies since it is famous for natural beauty it holds. The road trip to Naran Kaghan is usually what the tourists love, since lush green mountains, steep slopes and glaciers on the sides add to the trip excitement. Some of the must visit places in Naran and Kaghan are Lalazar, Siri Payee meadows, Dudipatsar Lake and Lulusar Lake. There are various hotels located at different locations including Ambassador Hotel Kaghan which is a decent budget hotel. However, a lot of other guest houses and accommodations are constructed at the bank of River Kunhar which offer breathtaking views of the river with sounds of water gushing through the rocks adding to the scenic beauty. Fishing, river rafting or simply mango eating near the river will make you fall in love with the place.

Swat Valley

The beautiful Swat valley in Pakistan.

Among the most beautiful places in Pakistan is what is known as the Switzerland of our country, the epitome of beauty, Swat Valley. With River Swat meandering through the rocky mountains of Ushu Range, and spreading throughout the valley, tourists get to see a variety of landscapes. The ravishing valley, located on the foothills of the magnificent Hindukush Range, can be reached easily via Islamabad and Peshawar. The main towns of the gorgeous valley are Mingora and Saidu Sharif.  Being a place for leisure lovers, hikers and artsy travelers who have a passion for history and architecture, Swat holds a lot of historical significance. During the Buddhist era, Swat was one of the most prosperous areas consisting of the garden of Ashoka. Currently, there are over 100 archaeological sites in the valley, among which only 10% are excavated.

Kalash Valley

The gushing waters of Kalash valley in Pakistan.

One of the most beautiful tourist attraction in Pakistan is the Kalash Valley. Situated in the district Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunhawa, Kalash Valley is not only magnificent in its beauty but also holds immense historical importance. People living in this area are known as ‘Kalasha’, a minority group residing in Pakistan. Historically, the origins of this community is shrouded in mystery and controversy. The most popular theory surrounding Kalasha is, that they are descendants of ‘Alexander the great’. Greek influence can be found in the place’s architecture, music and food. People living in Kalash resides in small villages and houses made out of wood. Visit kalash for its cultural diversity, picturesque beauty, lush green meadows, farms and valleys.

Naltar valley

Nature's most beautiful desrtination is the Naltar Valley.

Dwell in the nature’s most prized destination, the Naltar Valley. Famous for its scenic beauty and colorful lakes, visit Naltar valley for utter peace and tranquility. During the British rule, administrators used to retreat to this beautiful valley when the heat became unbearable. Although famous for its beauty, the valley is also known for producing the world’s tastiest potatoes.

Deosai Plains

Visit Deosai Plains with your friends and family.

One of the most beautiful places in Pakistan is the Deosoi Plain. Also known as the highest plain in the world. Located near the Karakoram and Western Himalayas, Deosai is covered with lush green pasture and is home to various wildlife species  and medicinal plants. This place offers scenic views of distant mountain peaks and water streams meandering around greenery, hills and meadows.

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