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Best restaurants for breakfast in Lahore

Best Restaurants for Breakfast in Lahore

Since Lahore is the hub of eateries, choosing a place for breakfast in Lahore can be challenging. With a decrease in recreational and leisure activities following terrorism in the past decade, dining out emerged as the much celebrated activity by elderly and youngsters alike. Now that we have plenty of events going on around us, nonetheless, food stands out among all, because after all, we all love food!

As dining out increased significantly, the trend or fashion for the rather ignored meal of the day i.e. breakfast also got a boost. Where restaurants focused on serving lunch and dinner in the past, breakfast has also become an imperative unique selling proposition for eateries. So, we have prepared a list of the best restaurants for breakfast in Lahore for you to try:

Tenerife Cafe

Tenerife Cafe Lahore Outdoor sitting areaTenerife Cafe Lahore Steak and Eggs

Tenerife Café is a beautifully built restaurant where you will not only love to sit and enjoy your freshly served food, but would also fall for the colourful, yet elegant interior. With both, outdoor and indoor sitting options, Tenerife Café stands out when it comes to the variety of options they have on their breakfast menu. From Pakistani omelet and sizzling steaks to American style poached eggs, soft pancakes and cheesy Mexican tortilla wrap with a drizzle of salsa, this place serves all sorts of continental breakfast items. Enjoy your perfect meal with a glass of freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juice, a coffee shot, a shake or any other drink of your choice. The best thing about their breakfast is a portion of salad which comes with most of their breakfast items.

 Jade Café

Jade Cafe by ChinaTown Eggs with Salsa, Jade Cafe

Popular for their breakfast and contemporary interior, Jade Café is a perfect option for artsy people who like to enjoy a cup of hot, creamy cappuccino while working. Apart from their famous overwhelmingly stuffed Nutella French toasts, they have a range of different style eggs, crispy waffles, drinks and pancakes. Besides, those who prefer a little heavy desi breakfast can go for Dum Chicken Qeema and home-style “lachhay daar” paratha.

The Local Eatery

The Local Eatery, DHA, Lahore Halwa Puri Thali

Styled in a totally English way, this little place has a relishing Sunday Brunch. Once you enter the place, you will not be able to guess that it only serves desi menu. With limited options of Nihari, Paye and Halwa Puri thali available, they know the secret to awesome taste. They do not offer a variety, in fact offer taste. So, if you are a desi nashta lover, The Local Eatery should be next on your breakfast list!

English Tea House

English Teahouse, Lahore Waffles with Maple Syrup

Now it is impossible to not mention English Tea House when it comes to breakfast in Lahore. Their freshly baked croissants, Spanish and scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes and freshly brewed coffee is undoubtedly everyone’s favourite. With quality and quantity well balanced, this place is iconic and the king of all when it comes to continental breakfast. Besides, the cozy place with the aroma of freshly cooked food, gives the place a very warm feel.

Chaaye Khana
Chaaye Khana Gulberg Lahore Chaaye Khana Lahore Stuffed Crossiant

This place does not only serve an economical breakfast for different kinds of preferences, but also has a totally hip and modern interior with book stands and sofas for a comfortable and informal feel. Their menu has a range of breads, an option of meat platter for meat lovers, Pakistani breakfast as well as hot and cold beverages for an after breakfast gulp. So, you can relax on the sofa and enjoy your book while sipping coffee or feed yourself with a beautifully presented meal, all up to you!

Since winters are here, there must be new additions in the menu including fish, Kashmiri chai and soups. Those who live in Karachi, we also have a list of best breakfast places in Karachi. So, reserve one day for each place to “celebrate” the best meal of the day!

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