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Best Travel Gadgets for Tech Lovers

Technology has come a long way in the last two decades or so. There used to be a time when extra photograph films were a must have for any traveler. Today, we have digital cameras with memories which never seem to run out, In short, technology hasn’t only revolutionized not just our daily lives, but made traveling much less of a hassle. Tripkar brings you a list of 6 must have travel gadgets to make your trip better.

Smartphone with a Good Camera

Smart phones with a camera is a must while traveling.

Almost all the smartphones being marketed today come with a built in camera. Some even come with two, a normal back camera and a front camera. Instead of buying two separate gadgets, it’s a good idea to invest in a decent smartphone, which gives you the convenience of snapping great pictures right on the go without the hassle of carrying a separate camera.

Power Bank

Power bank is a useful travel gadget.

Do you use your smartphone a lot? Or the battery just drains out very quickly? If that is so, a good power bank is a must have gadget for you! It can be quiet difficult to find a place to charge your phone while you are traveling. Buying a power bank will let you charge your phone through the device, on the go. Power banks are available in varying capacities so you can choose one which suits your travel needs. 

A Good Car Charger

A car charger is extremely useful to charge various tech gadgets.

If you are planning to take a road trip, then a car charger is a must. You won’t have to worry about getting your phone charged before leaving your home or the hotel! Just get in the car, and plug the charger in the cigarette lighter socket, and let your battery fill up.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Carry a noise cancelling head phones.

The sound of a jet or a rail engine can be pretty loud at times, leaving you with buzzing ears. A good noise cancelling headphone is a good gadget to have to help you relax through your journey.

Hands Free Bluetooth Set

One of the must carry travel gadgets is a blue tooth handset which is safe and useful while driving.

One of the useful and safe travel gadgets is a blue tooth handset. Invest in a good hands free Bluetooth set and take calls through it while driving. Using your hand to hold your phone to your ear can be distracting and downright disastrous. The best thing you have is your life, take good care of it.

A Good Electric Shaver

For quick grooming carry an electric shaver.

If you are a guy and shave daily here is one of the must buy travel gadgets for quick grooming. You will know how quickly you can run out of razor blades or shaving gels. Avoid such a hassle while traveling by investing in a good electric shaver. Some of them even let you shave without putting on any sort of gel or foam on your face, saving you money in the long run!

For a hassle free traveling carry these useful travel gadgets that are easy to carry and are extremely useful!

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