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Best Western Hotel: A Global Chain with a Local Touch

Whenever you plan to go for a tour or business trip anywhere in the world, there are a number of things to keep in mind so that the trip does not become a poor experience for you. It is necessary to go well prepared and take along food, equipment and appropriate clothing according to the climate of the place you plan to visit. But one most important thing that you have to consider is the accommodation you choose.

A number of factors may determine the type of accommodation you choose for your tour including the reputation of hotel, charges, facilities and variety that it offers. While deciding the hotel could be very confusing, one excellent option is to go for world’s largest hotel chain: Best Western Hotel. This three star hotel has a global chain and is located in various parts of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad. Although regional differences in the benefits of Best Western Hotel exist, there are some features of this hotel that will ensure you a stress-free and convenient tour.

Whether you book your accommodation in Islamabad, Lahore or Faisalabad, several facilities will be provided to you by Best Western Hotel including daily newspaper, WiFi, laundry service, gymnasium, medical service, pick and drop, restaurant, massage center,  television, 24/7 electricity regardless of load shedding in the area, breakfast and parking. Other than these, the staff of Best Western Hotels all over the world are skilled in providing the best service to guests without giving them any chance of complaining. Following are some region-specific features of the Best Western Hotels:

Best Western Hotel Lahore

Best Western Hotel Lahore.

Located off Mall road which is the corporate hub of Lahore, Best Western Hotel makes prominent places like Lahore Fort, Food Street, Anarkali Bazaar and Lahore zoo easily accessible keeping in mind the kind of traffic you may see in the city. Another advantage is that the hotel in Lahore is just 15 minutes far from the international airport so you can conveniently reach your accommodation after landing. The three different types of rooms are Suite, Deluxe and Superior with Deluxe being the most economical one and suite, or executive, being the most expensive one. The rates are reasonable and vary with the facilities and luxuries provided to guests. However, all three types of room have the facilities of central heating and cooling, attached modern bathrooms, internet and everything mentioned earlier.

Best Western Hotel Islamabad

Best Western Hotel Islamabad.

The Islamabad hotel consists of five different types of rooms including standard room, deluxe, executive room, executive suite and finally the royal suite. Each type has additional features and executive portion also gives a beautiful view of the very famous Margalla hills.

Best Western Hotel Faisalabad

Best Western Hotel Faisalabad.

Located at Mall road, the Faisalabad hotel remains one of the most popular accommodations for tourists in the city. It has three different types of rooms including deluxe, superior and executive, each with different features.

So considering the fact that such an amazing three-star hotel is available in different parts of the country, you no longer need to worry about accommodation when planning a trip.

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