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Bizarre Beaches in the world.

6 Bizarre Beaches in the World

Beaches are usually perceived with white/yellow sand, rolling waves and bright sunlight. However, these bizarre beaches in the world will change your cognizance and leave you reeling in awe and fascination:

Maldives Beach

This unusual and bizarre Maldives Beach looks like a starry night sky. The glistening beach appears like a Disney magical sequence. However, the glowing starry dots is due to natural occurrence. Microscopic microorganisms also known as Luciferins, a species of phtoplankton, that produces light by a series of oxidation process. These organisms react to changes in water tension and acidity by illuminating light creating a starry like appearance. Surfers and visitors leave a trail of shining water that illuminates every step like shimmering imprints.

Maldives Beach looks like a starry night sky. The sand and the water in the beach is lit up by glistening starry dots. The Maldives Beach is known as one of the most bizarre beaches in the world.

The Beach of the Cathedrals, Spain

The amazing beach is engulfed in some of the most beautiful caves and arches in the world. The cave and arches formation is due to an ongoing geological process. Also known as the beach of the ‘Holy Waters’, visitors and tourists alike can explore these caves while swimming in clear turquoise blue waters.

The Beach of the Cathedrals is known around the world for its natural formation of caves and arches. The beach of the Cathedrals is one of the top most visited tourist destination in the world. The beach of the Cathedrals is also known as the beach of the Holy Waters.

Maho Beach, Saint Martin

Located on the Carribean Island, the famous Maho Beach is known as a Carribean paradise. One of the bizarre beaches in the world, Maho Beach is a popular tourist spot. The beach is located in close proximity to the Princess Juliana International Airport’s runway. The arriving aircrafts fly at minimal altitude hovering at the beach with just a few yards away from your heads. For an overwhelming experience people from all over the world visit Maho Beach. Adjoining restaurants and cafe display aircraft departure and arrival timings so as to people do not miss out the unique opportunity.

Maho Beach provides tourists with a unique and fun filled experience. The bizarre beach is situated near the airport runway thus you can see the aircrafts hovering just a few yards away from your heads.

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Besides being one of the top most tourist spot in Iceland, Jökulsárlón is a blue water lagoon filled with large ice chunks that emanates immense beauty. The lagoon is also known as the Diamond Beach, as the ice chunks resemble diamonds glistening in the sun light. Adjoining the lagoon is Europe’s largest ice glacier, Vatnajökull. The whole place is surrounded by rugged highlands and lava landscape making it one of the top most amazing places in the world.

Jökulsárlón is a large glacial sandy lagoon in southeast Iceland, on the edge of Vatnajökull National Park. The clear water lagoon is filled with ice chunks that glistens in sunlight. The whole place is suroounded by rugged highland and is one of the top tourist spots in the world.

The Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Countless visitors from around the world have marveled at the majesty and mystery of the Giant’s Causeway located in Ireland. The unique rock formations around the beach, have withstood the unbridled ferocity of Atlantic storms for million of years. The rocky formations are nature’s marvel. The columns are set in a perfect symmetry inspiring archaeologists and geologists for years. Various interesting myths surround the Giant Causeway. One of the famous myth revolves around this place being an ancient home to a mighty giant. However, the basalt columns are a result of volcanic burning and cooling.

The rock formation of the Giant's Causeway are set in beautiful steps and are perfectly symmetrical. The Giant's Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption.

The Coromandel, New Zealand

One of the most bizarre beaches in the world, the Coromandel, commonly known as the hot water beach, where visitors can dig their own natural hot spa pool in the sand. A unique experience and utterly relaxing, the beach is engulfed with heated mineral water that bubbles from deep within the Earth. The bizarre beach is one of the most visited geothermal attraction in the country. Visitors can also dwell into other fun activities including surfing and sun bathing.

The Coromandel is one of the top most visited beaches in the country and includes various other activities such as surfing and sun bathing. You can dig your own natural hot water pools at the Coromandel beach situated in New Zealand.

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