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foods to eat in Pakistan.

Bizarre Foods to Eat in Pakistan

If you are a local or a tourist and planning to go on a wild rendezvous, here is an interesting list bizarre of foods to eat in Pakistan: We DARE you!

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Buttain is one of the bizarre foods to eat in Pakistan.

Buttain basically refers to the insides of a cow stomach. If you are keen on eating guts this is the dish for you! Buttain is cooked using spices and red curry to boast flavors. However, the texture of the meat looks like a towel.

Taka Tak

Here is a dish for meat lovers! Taka Tak is a mixture of all the organs of an animal, mainly a goat or a cow. Kidneys, brain, tongue; you name the organ and Taka Tak has it! Extremely popular and known as a food street special, Tata Tak is one dish to try!

Panjo Ka Soup

This time try the scrumptious chicken feet soup

As the name suggests, chicken feet is literally a dish enjoyed by many. The entire soup is made of chicken claws and looks horrible. However, the soup is known for boosting health and energy.


The tongue is a known delicacy in Pakistan. Cooked in a spicy red curry with lots of tomatoes, this dish ensues the daring ones!

Mundi Salan

Bizarre foods to savor in Pakistan.

As the name suggests “Mundi’ refers to a whole animal head! The entire head is covered with a spicy curry and is particularly enjoyed with fresh tandoori nan.

Dum Pukht

Dum Pukht is originally a Persian dish.

A famous Balochi dish! Dum Pukht is essentially a Persian dish. Made using minimal spices, Dum Pukht is a mandatory dish at every Balochi festival. What makes it unusual is the fact the meat is cooked in its own fat to boast flavors!


Brain Masala is a favourite food street cuisine in Pakistan.

Maghaz is none other than brain masala! The creaminess of brains, mixed with spicy curry masala is actually very delicious.

Stuffed intestines

Stuffed intestines is a famous Turkish dish.

Originally a Turkish meal, stuffed animal intestines is widely enjoyed in Pakistan as well. Besides the stuffing, the intestines are grilled, and once ready, it is chopped into small pieces and served with a freshly cooked chappati and chutney.


The star dish to try in the list of bizarre foods to eat is- goat testicles! what you may consider as a waste is basically a favorite dish of many Pakistanis! Be it cooked and grilled to perfection or covered in spicy gravy this is one dish to look out for!

Chicken heads

The crunchy chicken heads are enjoyed by many! They’re almost entirely bone and fat. The scrumptious part of eating chicken heads is to crack open the skull and scoop and slurp the brain! Before you freak out, the chicken head is supposedly good for health and bones.

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