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chai in pakistan

Brewing Love – Chai in Pakistan

As we have heard many times, Pakistan is influenced by many nations and has created a blend of culture that has many gifts to offer. One of the unmatchable gifts is the various renditions of tea we have in Pakistan. Travelers brought their own methods of brewing tea with them and different regions now have their own special teas to offer you. Tripkar brings you a list of favourite chai in Pakistan for you to try:

Karak Chai

One of the most common tea in Pakistan is the Karak Chai.

Black tea is the most common tea of all and can be found in most places in Pakistan. This kind of tea simply goes by the name of ‘chai’ so we can tell by this that it is exceptionally popular. This tea is brewed by adding tea leaves to boiling water and letting it mix. Milk, either real or powdered, and sugar are added according to the person’s liking at the end. The natural taste and aroma of tea is brought out most in this way. Not surprisingly, Karak chai is the easiest to brew as well. Black tea is made all over the world and the Pakistani version bears resemblance to English tea.

Doodh Patti

Doodh patti is extremely soothing for people suffering from medical ailments.

Doodh Patti is of the most delicious kinds of tea you will find in Pakistan. It is a slight variation of the black tea as instead of adding the tea leaves to boiling water, they are added into boiling milk. The extra milk and creaminess of the Malai (milkfat) are the reason this hot beverage is loved all over Pakistan. It is the second most common rendition of tea.

Masala Chai

Masala Chai is also known as herbal tea which has various herbs enhnacing flavor and health benefits.

A very exciting variation of tea, Masala Chai is made by adding mixed spices to boost the blend of tea with different flavors and give a whole new experience. Spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and star anise are added experimentally in changeable amounts to bring about a new taste proving that, even in beverages, Pakistan has a lot to offer! This sort of tea traces to Peshawar where it is made most expertly and is now famous worldwide.

Kashmiri Chai 

Kashmiri Chai is widely served in wedding ceremonies all over Pakistan.
Another famous chai in Pakistan is the Kashmiri Chai. Mostly served in weddings this tea is widely revered treat after a heavy meal. The reputation of this tea can be estimated from the fact that it is even served at weddings along with dessert. Kashmiri Chai has a very endearing pink color which is brought out by adding milk to green tea after green tea leaves are heated in water. Salt and cardamom are added as garnishments to Kashmiri Chai. As the name suggests, this type of tea hails from Kashmir.


Kahwa is also one of the most common tea all over Middle East and Asian countries.

One of the famous chai in Pakistan as well as worldwide is Kahwah. A wondrous Arabic drink that has made its value known globally. It is brewed in a lot of places in Pakistan. Kahwah is green tea made in just water without adding any milk. It is usually taken with lemon. Kahwah is a very strong tea and has health benefits such as helping digestion and burning the fat in the body. This hot beverage is sipped in the cold winters as it is an instant source of rejuvenation.

If you are a traveler and a guest to someone in Pakistan, rest assured you will be offered a great cup of tea in any corner of Pakistan as the hospitality is a trait we cannot resist showing. Pakistanis are very proud of their tea brewing abilities and it is not very hard to get a cup of tea with an enthusiast in almost every house. So whether you’re at a hotel, at someone’s house or pass by any market, do try these delicious Pakistani renditions of tea.

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