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budget friendly vacation

How to have a Budget Friendly Vacation

Want a vacation but your wallet says no?  Want to travel the world, but instead you sit at work trying to earn enough money to be able to do that? What if I told you that it’s possible to have a decent vacation on a limited budget? Tripkar brings you a list of tips to have a fun and budget friendly vacation:

Plan Ahead of Time

Plan ahead of time.

Yup that’s right! Planning is the one basic essential of budget traveling. Research on the available hotels in the city you are planning to visit, research on the available recreational activities in that area, the different restaurants etc. Not only will this help you pick out some really cheap deals but you will be able to discover some amazing new restaurants, shopping places and recreational sites.

Travel in a Group

Travel in a group.

Some people prefer traveling alone or with a small number of friends or family members. Though this may definitely seem more comfortable an option to a lot of people, it’s not the best thing to do when you are on a budget. Traveling with a larger number of people will help you share fuel cost/ hotel rents and food bills.

Road Trips Over Air Travel

Road trips over air travel.

Not only road trips are definitely more economical they are also more fun. Traveling by road will enable you to make stopovers at different tourist attractions/ recreational places, a luxury which the air travel can never offer. Next time you visit Islamabad, don’t forget to make a stopover at Kalar Kahar or the Khewra Salt Ranges!

Be the Off Season Traveler

Budget friendly travel.

Everyone wants to visit Murree when in the summers, or when the hill tops get covered in snow. This influx of tourists creates a high demand for the limited hotels restaurants in the vicinity, hence enabling them to charge higher prices. Try to avoid this unwanted expenditure by simply traveling in the off season.

So have fun planning a budget friendly vacation and have the experience of your life time! Learn to plan your travel according to your budget instead of simply giving up on the idea. Book a hotel online with Tripkar and find lowest rates and attractive deals on our website!

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