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Cab service in Pakistan

The Rising Trend of Cab Service in Pakistan

Usually in Pakistan you will find rickshaw drivers parked at every corner. Although convenient and cheap, riding a rickshaw is challenging. The ride is bumpy, uncomfortable seats, foul odor and the very threat of rash driving and collision is always ahead. However, with the technological advancement and the ease of Android and iOS phones, gone are the days when travelling without your private car was like a nightmare. With the introduction of newly emerging cab service in Pakistan, you can now enjoy comfortable, timely and systematic fare charging transportation experience in Pakistan.

Cab service booking through android and iOS in Pakistan

Cab Service Companies

The first cab service introduced in Pakistan was a Dubai based online transportation company known as Careem. Seemingly, Al-Bayrak a Turkish company followed suit and expanded its operations in Pakistan by introducing A-Taxi service in Lahore. Giving a tough competition to both was the entrance of an American based multinational online transportation service, Uber Technologies Inc. Recently, the newly entering Pakistani cab service, Easy Cab is playing on the basis of cost to attract the existing and potential cab users.

Set pick up location feature on android and iOS in Pakistan

With the introduction of new cab services and ease of booking your ride online, local transportation is now hassle free and tech savvy. Initially, A-Taxi and Uber introduced rides in Lahore’s busiest locations. With the passage of time and according to the demand and market scenario, the number of cars grew and are now stationed at every corner. For user’s ease and comfort the android application lets you choose your ride be it economy with less fare charges or business ensuing comfort and luxury. A variety of cars are available to drive you anywhere including, Suzuki Swift, Honda City, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Suzuki Mehran.

The cab service and facilities include air conditioners, GPS System and built-in fare meter; leaving no stone unturned, to bring innovation in the local transportation landscape of Pakistan. The preeminent feature is that you can book your ride using your Android phone or the cab service official website. The service providers have drivers allocated to every location. The company also provides you with information regarding base rent, driver’s name, phone number and the car’s number plate to ensure security and safe travel. The service also eliminates the hassle of treacherous bargaining, since the fare per kilometer is fixed. The companies are now providing their customers with promo-codes which reduce your travel fare.

Job Opportunities

Besides providing efficient cab services in Pakistan, these companies are also providing the local economy with employment opportunities. Students can work as part time drivers and earn money during their vacations. People with weak educational background are trained through various programs and workshops to become familiar with the cab service operations.

So with new cab service providers in Pakistan, traveling is now secure, safe and hassle free. Stay travel updated with Tripkar!

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