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IMG Worlds of adventure theme park Dubai

World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park to Open on 31st August!

From a deserted land to a mega metropolitan city, Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world. It’s hard not to admire Dubai for its unwearied dynamism, gutsy ambition and ability to dream up and realize projects. Dubai has already contrived the world’s tallest building, a huge indoor ski paradise, the world’s fastest roller coaster and an island shaped like a palm tree. A new attraction ‘Starchitect’, a state-of-the-art museum of international stature and the world’s largest indoor theme park will soon open their doors for the public.

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Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi

Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi: Meet your Highest Expectations

Karachi is the undisputed heart of the nation’s economy. The city of lights, is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan. However, the city has been subject to civil unrest and communal violence since the past few years. Although the city has a lot to offer in terms of tourist spots, luxury hotels and shopping malls, the insane traffic, power outages, frequent riots and asphyxiated heat has led to a decline in tourism. There is however, a definite buzz in Karachi, people have started visiting the city to witness the landmarks including Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum, Mohatta Palace, Frere Hall and attend festivals like the Karachi Eat Food Festival. What most of them look for is a luxury hotel to make their stay worthwhile!

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Tripkar asani say!

Tripkar Proudly Announces International Hotels & Flights Comparison!

Talking from the perspective of a traveler, there are a number of questions to be answered before making a final travel plan. The first question about a particular destination is how to get there, and the second is where to stay. Tripkar proudly announces international hotel/flight comparison for a hassle free trip or vacations! Adding to our portfolio of online hotel reservation and tours, we are proud to introduce our international hotels & flights comparison feature which would help travelers choose the best accommodation anywhere in the world and evaluate the airfares of multiple airlines to travel nationwide and abroad.

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Fishing Fury: Top 7 Fishing Spots in Pakistan

Fishing has been an important part of Pakistan’s economy and leisure since a very long time. A major part of the population of coastal areas of Baluchistan and Sindh survives on aqua farming, either by consuming seafood or selling fish to local and international markets. Export of fish generates a decent amount of revenue for the fishermen as well as the local economy. Pakistan, especially the Punjab province, consists of some great recreation, hunting and fishing spots in Pakistan.

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Cab service in Pakistan

The Rising Trend of Cab Service in Pakistan

Usually in Pakistan you will find rickshaw drivers parked at every corner. Although convenient and cheap, riding a rickshaw is challenging. The ride is bumpy, uncomfortable seats, foul odor and the very threat of rash driving and collision is always ahead. However, with the technological advancement and the ease of Android and iOS phones, gone are the days when travelling without your private car was like a nightmare. With the introduction of newly emerging cab service in Pakistan, you can now enjoy comfortable, timely and systematic fare charging transportation experience in Pakistan.

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