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Google Maps

Google Maps: Tips to Ease Travelling

Navigate the roads like a pro, using Google Maps. This powerful and user friendly application not only features maps but dynamically re-routes based on real-time information, and even suggests which lane to be in. Before Google Maps, travelling to a new city or a place used to be tenuous. Hiring a local guide or using a paper map has its own limitations especially in a country like Pakistan. Now one of the most useful applications, Google Maps provides accessibility like no other. Users only need to provide the name of their travel destination and the application opens the map and highlights all the directions for easy navigation.

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Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hills: The Murree of Sindh

Situated at the highest point in Sindh, about 5700 feet high, is the beautiful site of Gorakh Hills, also known as the ‘Murree’ of Sindh. A place to dwell in, Gorakh Hills host lofty mountain peaks, pleasant weather and flowing rivers meandering around vast green meadows. One of the most-visited tourist spot, Gorakh Hill Station features various activities including hiking and trekking and a haven to escape from the scorching heat, which engulfs Sindh, during summers.

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