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Gorakh Hills

Gorakh Hills: The Murree of Sindh

Situated at the highest point in Sindh, about 5700 feet high, is the beautiful site of Gorakh Hills, also known as the ‘Murree’ of Sindh. A place to dwell in, Gorakh Hills host lofty mountain peaks, pleasant weather and flowing rivers meandering around vast green meadows. One of the most-visited tourist spot, Gorakh Hill Station features various activities including hiking and trekking and a haven to escape from the scorching heat, which engulfs Sindh, during summers.

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Emirates Airlines: The finest in the sky

Emirates: The Finest In The Sky

Launched in 1985, Emirates Airlines now flies to 155 destinations in 81 countries across 6 continents, providing quality air travel services. Now, the fourth largest air service providers, The Emirates Group also connects millions of people on the ground through ‘Dnata’ which is the leading cargo service operators in the world. From perishable items to luxury cars and delicate flowers, everything is handled with utmost care and consideration.

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